Aaron Judge Still Seeking HR No. 61 After Rain-Shortened Win

Aaron Judge Chases Home Run Record: Yankees Slugger Still Looking For Hr No. 61

In the game of baseball, records have always been in danger when Aaron Judge plays and another record that can be broken by him is Home Run number 61 which is currently held by the long-standing American, Roger Maris.

Aaron Judge will be having a go at the record on Tuesday in game 2 when the New York Yankees will be up against the Toronto Blue Jays in a three-match series between both teams. For Aaron Judge, a record-breaking night awaits as he will be looking to get past Roger’s mark. 

Aaron Judge Still Seeking HR No. 61 After Rain-Shortened Win

Furthermore, Ben Verlander and Alex Curry have been constantly discussing how Aaron will be looking to break the record and what he has been doing in New York in order to prepare for it.

Aaron Judge Chases Home Run Record Yankees Slugger Still Looking For Hr No. 61

Apart from the home run number 61, Aaron Judge will be also looking to steal the triple crown to become one of the best players in this sport. In the match that took place on Monday, Aaron Judge had five plate appearances, and in that he got one single along with being struck out twice and also walked twice. 

Aaron Judge’s Performance In The Match

In the match against the Toronto Blue Jays, Aaron failed to perform well and thus the Jays won the match against the New York Yankees by 3-2. Moreover, Aaron has now got six games without a home run which is quite unusual for a player like him. However, his batting average is still .314 which makes him a worthy contender to break his record, Maris. Furthermore, his last six games haven’t been the same as he expected but still, he has a lot in him to break the record. 

In the game, Judge was the one who scored the opening run and gave his team a chance to fight back after being down against the opponents. However, in the end, he wasn’t able to get the home run that he has been looking for the last five games. But apart from it, he got an amazing catch and thus was able to keep the opponent’s team on their toes. 

Besides him, Luis Severino also played well as he was coming back after an injury and thus expectations were high for him. He threw well and had 76 pitches along with 49 strikes which allowed him to gain confidence for the next games. Apart from him, Rizzo and Torres also contributed well in the match but because of the game awareness from the Jays, they weren’t able to convert them into points. 

Now for the New York Yankees, the upcoming few games will be important as they will be looking to register a win there. Moreover, Aaron Judge will be also looking to get his first home run in the seven games and break the record of 61 home runs. All the fans of the sport will be looking forward to seeing him achieve greatness with such an illustrious career. 

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