Apple Will Launch A Foldable iPad Instead Of An iPhone In 2024

Apple Will Launch A Foldable iPad Instead Of An iPhone In 2024!

Foldable is the new fashion in the tech market. All the renowned tech firms are into it, so Apple has to follow this too. But Apple is not simply going to follow the trend.

Foldable iPhone? Expect It In iPad Form From Apple!

The twist is that we will see foldable iPads before foldable iPhones. Too many things are brewing in Apple’s office. 

Foldable iPhone Expect It In iPad Form From Apple

The Reason Behind The Decision

There are many folds in this step of the tech giant. The first and most obvious is that if they launched a foldable iPhone, they would compete with their iPhones.

And it would also hype the prices if they included all the features of their latest rollouts and the new ‘foldable’ feature.

The entire process could cause a backlash to the firm. So they have planned to play it smart and start it with an iPad.

The estimated price for a foldable iPhone is around $2500, which is way higher than the latest most expensive iPhone 14 pro max, which is $1599. Here the iPad would cover the price hype.

The other reason is that the foldable thing is a new concept over here, and if there were any issues with the foldable versions of iPhones, the market value of Apple would be on the line.

Also, there would not be any room for new ideas in the iPhone version, they will have to follow the trends, and as we know, this is not Apple’s deal to follow the directions, that’s why the iPad seems to be a better choice to be launched in foldable format.

When To Expect

The foldable version of the iPad will be available till 2024-25. The work is in progress as they have to maintain the perfection of their brand to follow the trend as well.

It’s been in the air that the company is working with other companies to curate the designs and for making the parts of the foldable iPad.

Apple is also being heard to collaborate with LG; they are probably working on the cover glass of the conceptualized creation. It is clear that when it comes, it will be in the talks, and the prices will also stun netizens.

Standard Features

Before launching a foldable iPhone, Apple came up with a foldable iPad. There will be other features in the product along with the foldable highlight.

As it will be launched by 2024-25, it will also be the era of 5G, so that will also be on their list.

Storage, camera battery, body design, and many other details will have to be covered so the product will stand out in the crowd. 

After the response they would get for the iPad, they will launch foldable iPhones too.

The move of the company to first establish an iPad is not only appreciable but also courageous, and it reflects a brilliant market strategy.

Qualcomm is now the modem solution for Apple gadgets and processors; it relies on Cupertino.


  • Apple to launch foldable iPad before foldable iPhone. 
  • Foldable apple devices to appear in the market by 2024.
  • Feedback on foldable iPads will decide the fate of foldable iPhones. 
  • Along with foldable features, 5G will highlight the devices. 
  • Storage, screen, body design, and pricing will also be the topics to be covered.

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