Apple Reportedly to Sponsor NFL-Superbowl Halftime show

Watching sports at the stadium with thousands of fans among us cheering the same way as we do and seeing our favorite stars for real is genuinely a blessing as well as an absolute worth experience. Sports and games as been one of the biggest entertainment apart from because one also plays for maintaining their body, having fun also as a form of physical and mental exercise. These games are a few which represent nations by putting them relevant on the map making them what they are and competing against the world for glory.

Nowadays the games are an absolute popularity contest and a clash between celebrities, political figures, and many more. They are also instrumental to bring people to one place with the same emotions where everyone is equal. Sports these days generate huge wealth, popularity and it promotes various events highlighting celebrity endorsements

History of the NFL and Super Bowl

The NFL Superbowl (National Football League) is an American football tournament that started on 17th September 1920 in New York. Consisting of 32 teams with millions of fans around America and the world. The attention, fame, and revenue the games generate are astonishing. In order to increase the revenue and the reach of the league, the National Football Conference (Committee) has introduced a Halftime show where Celebrities appear. Mainly music industry artists for promoting or entertaining the crowd while the players have their break. The idea got along in the 1960s and was a serious event from the 90s featuring famous pop culture stars.

The biggest win for the committee is that even people who don’t possess the games knowledge or don’t necessarily like them still get tickets to see their favorite celebrities perform.

Latest Venture with Apple

The newest update to the super bowl was the introduction of Apple music to the halftime show, a platform or application on Apple devices where the release or updates of the latest music, albums, and artists are available. According to NYTimes Apple pulled back Pepsi to take the spotlight to sponsor the event with a whopping 50 million$ offer from the NFL committee and seek for a figure of 2.5 billion$ A billion more than the previous holders paid the committee. Such an amount isn’t much for the multi-billion tech company with a huge number of investments, guaranteed returns, and financial backups.

Upholding Plans

The NFL Superbowl also has the interest of Apple’s Apple TV in order to stream and bring the game from live television broadcast to Digital hosting/Airing media in the near future. They are currently on good terms with Taylor Swift who has agreed to perform in the super bowl for the first time in her career in the 2023 edition. It will also be a great chance to promote and widen her audience which makes this an opportunity worth grabbing.

The previous editions featured Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and R&B singer Mary J. Blige in 2022 and The Weekend making the headlines in 2021.

Although Football is typically American Football and the NFL is making the game and the music industry grow with the huge amount of reputation, fans, and generating revenue as they make this a festival and a bucket list event for everyone. 

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