Soldiers protect COP Garcia with howitzer

NANGARHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Army Paul M. Gatto, from Bethlehem, Pa., a cannoneer from Task Force Balls, elevates a M777 howitzer and hooks up his firing lanyard seconds before discharging (click for more)

Engineers conduct overnight mission in Afghanistan

PANJSHIR PROVINCE, Afghanistan - Air Force Capt. Phillip Baker, Panjshir PRT engineer, along with Air Force 1st Lt. Jason Adams, Panjshir PRT engineer, assemble an antenna in order to communicate (click for more)

Gathering together to build relationships

PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan — While spectators watch, members of the Sharana Hospital volleyball team play a friendly match against coalition force units at Forward Operating Base Rushmore Oct. 2. (click for more)

TF Spartan perseveres despite challenges

NANGARHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Army Soldiers with 1st Platoon, Company A, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, Task Force Spartan, help Afghan Border Police load blast wall barriers onto the (click for more)

Kentucky ADT visits Parwan Director of Women’s Affairs

Maj. Bobby Mayes, women’s empowerment coordinator, and Sgt.1st Class Maureen Houston, FET member, meet with Zareen Saleha, the Deputy Director of Women’s Affairs for the Parwan Director of Agriculture, Irrigation, (click for more)

Ground Soldiers learn to fly

U.S. Army Cpl. Robert F. Chauncey, from McKinney, Texas, a team leader with Company C, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, Task Force Spartan, takes part in a pre-flight inspection of (click for more)

U.S. troops in Paktya Province plan bridges

PAKTYA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. troops from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Paktya Provincial Reconstruction Team use a measuring tape to measure the distance of one point (click for more)

ANA Soldiers receive vaccinations at Parsa

KHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan – An Afghan National Army basic trainee receives a vaccination Sept. 28. (click for more)

TF Viper mechanics keep helicopters flying

U.S. Army Sgt. Craig Hayward, powertrain mechanic and native of Huntingtown, Md., assigned to Company D, Task Force Viper attempts to loosen a bolt on a rotor head from an (click for more)

TF Currahee mortarmen get job done

Army Pfc. Armando J. Ramos, from Victorville, Calif., and Army Spc. Michael W. Dough,from Manteo, N.C., prepare to run a crew drill Sept. 27 on Combat Outpost Munoz. The mortarmen (click for more)
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KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan - A Soldier from Task Force Rakkasan cuts the t cake at the “10-10-10” re-enlistment ceremony at Forward Operating Base Salerno, Khowst Province, Afghanistan Oct.10. The Rakkasans reenlisted 236 Soldiers, one to mark each year the U.S. Army has been in existence. (U.S. Army Photo by Maj. S. Justin Platt, 3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs)KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan – A total of 236 Task Force Rakkasan Soldiers gathered at various combat outposts and forward operating bases across Afghanistan to take the oath of re-enlistment Oct. 10.

While stress in a combat zone is abundant, these Rakkasan Soldiers chose to add to their time with the Army, with many stabilizing to remain with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division.

“Doing this in a combat zone means that I get to stay out here with all of my brothers and continue to serve,” said U.S. Army Spc. Alex Masteller, Troop A., 1st Squadron, 33rd Cavalry Regiment, from Marion, Ohio. “Being a Rakkasan out here means being as hard as a Soldier can be.”

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. John Campbell, the 101st Airborne Division commander, officiated the ceremony from FOB Salerno, where 77 Soldiers who were re-enlisting were joined by 169 more via video teleconferences.

“Whenever you have an opportunity to re-enlist any Soldier, it is pretty awesome, but whenever you have an opportunity to re-enlist 236, that’s unique. That’s special,” Campbell said.

The process leading to the ceremony was a journey that started in June. Originally, the intention was to have 101 Soldiers re-enlist, but when the number of Soldiers re-enlisting grew, so did the goal. After passing 101 re-enlistees, brigade officials set the next goal at 187 - as in the 187th Infantry Regiment.

“This is a huge deal. One half of one percent of our nation is serving right now,” Campbell said. “You guys are a minority, but you’re doing it because it’s noble work, and I am proud to serve.”

By the time the date of the ceremony had arrived, 236 Rakkasans had re-enlisted in theater - matching the exact number of years the U.S. Army has been in existence.

“We just got the idea for 10-10-10 on Oct. 1, because it only happens every thousand years,” said U.S. Army Master Sgt. Ron Yancey, 3rd Brigade Combat Team senior career counselor from Batesville, Miss. “When we decided what we wanted to do, our battalion career counselors took the ball and rolled with it, coming up with what we had today.”

Oct. 1 marked the beginning of a new fiscal year. And while the old year may be over, the deployment continues and Soldiers are still re-enlisting, Yancey said.

While it may make economic sense, adding time onto an Army career during a deployment is never an easy decision.

“I’ve been with the Rakkasans for two years now and it's like a family. I love it here,” said U.S. Army Spc. Robert Barth, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 626th Brigade Support Battalion mechanic, from Moreno Valley, Calif.

Barth was the first member of his family to enlist in the military and takes great pride in knowing he is serving his country.

“It means a lot to me,” Barth said. “I’m out here with my other family on this deployment and don’t see the need to go anywhere else. I’ve been in this long and haven’t had any problems so I figured I might as well stay in for some more time.”KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan - U.S. Army Maj. Gen. John Campbell, 101st Airborne Division commander, re-enlists U.S. Army Spc. Anthony Oniyelu, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, from Miami, during a mass re-enlistment ceremony consisting of 236 Rakkasan Soldiers Oct. 10. Only 77 were present while the rest of the Soldiers re-enlisted via video teleconference from 13 remote locations in Task Force Rakkasan’s area of operations. (U.S. Army Photo by Pfc. Chris McKenna, 3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs)KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan - U.S. Army Maj. Gen. John Campbell, 101st Airborne Division commander, and U.S. Army Col. Viet Luong, Task Force Rakkasan commander, stand with the 77 Soldiers who re-enlisted at Forward Operating Base Salerno Oct. 10. A total of 236 Soldiers re-enlisted, with the rest doing so via video teleconference from 13 remote locations in TF Rakkasan’s Area of Operations. (U.S. Army Photo by Pfc. Chris McKenna, 3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs)


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Coalition forces uncover two weapons caches
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BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -- While conducting a security patrol, coalition forces uncovered a large weapons cache in the Mehtar Lam District, Laghman Province, Oct. 11.

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Mountain Soldiers capture insurgent responsible for IEDs
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PAKTYA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Soldiers from C Company, 3rd Battalion, 172nd Infantry Regiment, captured an insurgent Oct. 7 near Yazeen Village in the Zormat District of Paktya Province.

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Wounded local nationals treated at Bagram
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BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Two Afghan males were treated Oct. 6 after approaching a Bagram Airfield gate with injuries sustained from a detonated landmine.

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GIRoA launches insurgent reintegration program
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*Journalist’s Note: The information contained in this article is derived from the International Security Assistance Force’s Reintegration Guide.

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently launched the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program. The goal is to reconnect members of the insurgency with Afghan communities and GIRoA through social outreach, economic programs and community development projects.

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