Laghman PRT expands role to western Nuristan

الكاتب: U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Chanise Epps, Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team Public Affairs الجمعة, 07 كانون2/يناير 2011 17:42
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NURISTAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Army Capt. Jyan Bevalian (far left) of Sunnyvale, Calif., Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team governance specialist officer, introduces U.S. Army Maj. Scott DeJesse from Amarillo, Texas, the Laghman PRT District Support Team leader for Alingar District, Jan. 2. The Laghman PRT will continue the efforts of the Nuristan PRT in the western valley so the Nuristan PRT can focus effort in the central and eastern valleys. These changes will not affect the future plans for the district leaders. (Photo by U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Chanise Epps, Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team Public Affairs)NURISTAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Army Capt. Jyan Bevalian of Sunnyvale, Calif., governance specialist officer for the Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team, visited the Nurgaram District Center to discuss future interactions with district leaders Jan. 2.

 The Nuristan PRT visited local leaders to address upcoming changes that will take place. The PRT will hand over the responsibility of governance development within the western valley of Nuristan to the Laghman PRT in the coming weeks.

“Within the last couple of months, the PRT has diligently worked with Nuristan western valleys’ governments in providing long-term stability and essential tools necessary for success as they transition from being a project-oriented society to a self-help society,” said Bevalian.

While Laghman PRT is expanding into western Nuristan, the Nuristan PRT will move eastward, covering a broader scope of Nuristan government, including provincial-level activities in the Nuristan central valley.

“I feel as though making a budget and having a vision for the future has changed their thought process,” said Bevalian. “The leadership will use these tools we’ve taught them and they will progress in the future.”

District stability team leader from the Laghman PRT, U.S. Army Maj. Scott DeJesse of Amarillo, Texas, will take over the responsibility for governance development in the Nurgaram District. He will assist the civil authorities to developing a three-year budget for the region and will reinforce the efforts of the Nuristan PRT

“We need to create a definite schedule and work together to meet deadlines in order to keep the budget on a reasonable timeline,” DeJesse said.

The PRTs in Laghman and Nuristan will both expand in the coming weeks to cover more territory. PRTs work with the governments at the district and provincial levels to improve the infrastructure capacity and security.

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