Billy Ray Cyrus Seems Confirmed His Engagement To Firerose!

Billy Ray Cyrus Seems Confirmed His Engagement To Firerose!

It has been confirmed by the post that Billy Ray Cyrus has engaged to singer Firerose. Her real name is Johanna Rosie Hodges. In the posted selfie the diamond ring is visible Firerose which was posted on 18th October 2022.

The singer of the famous song Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy Ray Cyrus is currently 61 years old and might have presently confirmed that he is engaged to his songstress girlfriend, which name is Firerose,

after sharing a picture through the social media platform Instagram her rocking a diamond ring on recently 18th Oct. With a cute snapshot he also captioned, “Happy Autumn,” and red heart emoji was also captioned. 

Billy Ray Cyrus Engaged To Singer Firerose

The lovers stood in front of a tree that was showing great autumn colors from rustic reds to burnt oranges. In the image, Firerose was showing her diamond ring on her hand warily and her hand was placed on Billy’s chest. Right now Firerose is in her mid-20s.

Billy Ray Cyrus Engaged To Singer Firerose!

The clear engagement post is coming after six months when Tish Cyrus filed for divorce from Billy Ray before they were together for around the last three decades. According to the legal documents court secured by Us Weekly, Tish is a 55-year-old lady.

Tish Cyrus claimed in the filing that she and the artist of the Old Town Road album had not cohabitated as wife and man for a constant time of more than two years. She filed for divorce in April month.

In the statement of US, Billy Rayls told that they both woke up as well as realized that they love each other a lot and after that decided they want to stay together and live life with each other. We both also went for couples therapy treatment.

We have not done in a relationship for 22 years of being together, and due to this we came closer together and opened up our conversation in amazing ways, it also told Tish Cyrus that marriage can be tough mainly after 22 years of being in entertainment.

We have had difficult and rough times but we both noticed that we do not want to face another statistic. The former couple had three kids: The first one is Miley Cyrus, 29, Braison Cyrus, 28, as well as Noah Cyrus, 22.

Billy ray Cyrus also accepted his separated wife’s two children from an earlier connection: Brandi Cyrus, 35, as well as Trace Cyrus, 33. They declared their choice to call it quits in April month. We will be like the family always and move forward to a continuous one as well.

As loving shared experiences as parents and friends. We have not taken this decision so quickly or lightly but with so many things happening in our world so we wanted to give some transparency and end.

So we can stay focused on what is essential for both of us,” the statement was announced by Bill Ray Cyrus. The users are giving their blessing to Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose offering their love and happiness in the picture.

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