Bo Nickal Calls Out Khamzat Chimaev And Logan Paul, And Dana White Responds: ‘let’s Not Get Crazy Here

Victory always gives a reason to celebrate and just like Bo Nickal who has been on a roll after beating UFC’s best welterweights. Moreover, after beating DWCS twice in a span of a few days, Bo has been high on confidence and hence Khamzat Chimaev won’t look like a big competitor to him.

Furthermore, in the second match against the DWCS, he managed to beat him even faster than the first match and hence got the confidence that he wanted. 

Bo Nickal calls out Khamzat Chimaev and Logan Paul, and Dana White Responds

After beating the DWCS, Bo confidently called out Khamzat Chimaev as a hyped-up personality who is just having the reins of the welterweight division despite dealing with weight issues. In the interview, he said that he isn’t having any issue if UFC gives him a match against that Swedish guy.

Bo Nickal Calls Out Khamzat Chimaev And Logan Paul, And Dana White Responds ‘let’s Not Get Crazy Here

Moreover, he added that he isn’t even the best athlete in the lot and hence he isn’t considering Khamzat Chimaev as a proper opponent because of the weight issues that he has been facing constantly. 

On the other hand, he further added that if UFC is afraid of giving Khamzat Chimaev as his opponent then they should arrange a match between Bo Nickal and Logan Paul.

Moreover, he said that if UFC is unable to let this match happen, then WWE should take the initiative of making this match happen. Though Logan Paul has a good set of skills, Bo is confident of beating him and hence is hoping for a good match between both of them. 

How MMA helped Bo Nickal shape his skills? 

MMA has been a perfect place for a wrestler to come and shape himself properly. Furthermore, the owner of MMA powerhouse American Top Team, Dan Lambert is also Nickal’s career counselor and said that MMA gym and his wrestling skills helped Bo tackle all the difficulties and thus it helped him transform into a proper athlete who can compete with anyone at this time. 

On the other hand, UFC President Dana White said that rather than following any advice or working with anyone, she would follow her own playbook and hence would reach the top. Furthermore, she added that it’s better not to get into a match here and terms it funny that they were into the matchmaking with Khamzat and how good he has been in recent months. Moreover, she even said that he still has to prove a lot of things before terming himself as the best in the lot. 

She also added that the fights happening in UFC are not easy and hence one has to pass every huddle in order to call himself the top athlete. Even before fighting against the top fighters present in the yard, Bo Nickal will have to prove himself against the lower category available there.

Though his confidence level is surely going to help him a lot and hence they will be keeping a close eye on his performance. Furthermore, this confidence will help him in the upcoming matches which can be tough for him as a player. 

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