Members Of Bts Will Serve In The Military Of South Korea

Members Of Bts Will Serve In The Military Of South Korea!

According to the law of South Korea, the K-pop band BTS members are going to serve their military duties., It is announced by their management organization BigHit Music which is a subsidiary of HYBE, efficiently finishing a debate on whether they should be approved exemptions because of their artistic events. All of the members of this band Jin, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Suga, and Jungkook are going to face obligatory national service; however, the timing will be different according to the age of the member.

Bts Will Serve In The Military

There are too many fans of this sensational band who are hoping the government the band members would be offered exceptional consideration just because of their huge contribution to the economy of South Korea as well as their international reputation, all the artists of this band are going to serve almost two years of period in the military of South Korea.

Bts Will Serve In The Military Of South Korea

Now this band will not be able to perform just because it’s all seven-member schedules till the year 2025, as the group is headed to the military of South Korea. Though the first member of the band, jin is going to launch his solo material in the upcoming weeks and he has already been recruited.

There is no additional information is available right now about the timing of their service was given. The last concern of this band was in Busan in which all the band members performed together which was held on 15th October at the city’s EXPO bid, and it is considered the last concert of this group and according to their label now they will be able to perform after finish serving in the military.

According to the media report, Jin is the oldest member of this band, and firstly he is going to switch his stage outfit for a uniform very soon after he is going to 30 years old in December the other six members of the group are born between 1993 and 1993, they will follow suit, and the band may be reorganized in the year of 2025 according to the report of BigHit music company.

After the recruitment procedure, the five weeks of combat training will be provided to Jin as well as other BTS members before being allocated to particular units and duties, is told by the officials at the Military Manpower Administration, and it is also specified by them that all the members would go under the similar procedure as other South Korean men face. South Korea’s military used to give enlisted entertainers jobs that had to do with promoting TV shows and making radio. This system was known as “entertainment soldiers,” and it ended in 2013 because of complaints about fairness.

When jin was 28 years old in the year 2020 so at a time two-year delay was provided from the government side to enter the military to him as a credit for BTS’s efforts in “Improving Korea’s international image.” And he was the first K-pop star to be provided such a reprieve.

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