Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Are Getting Divorced

Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Are Getting Divorced!

Cynthia Bailey, who married Mike Hill two years ago, has decided to end their marriage. The pair has been making plans to split up for a while now.

Their wedding, which took place on October 10, 2020, was featured in Season 13 of the Bravo reality show. Hill’s proposal was featured in an episode of season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Have Announced Their Intention To Divorce!

On Wednesday, Cynthia Bailey and her husband, sportswriter Mike Hill, announced their divorce to the world. They shared a photo of themselves beaming at the news on their respective verified Instagram accounts.

Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Have Announced Their Intention To Divorce

They Concluded That “LOVE Is A Fantastic Thing” In Their Writing

Their affection for one another will never fade, but they must now pursue separate paths.” “No one is to blame, and they are relieved that our relationship hasn’t suffered.

A further statement was made, “The memories they have made as a married couple are priceless to us. They are thankful for the love and encouragement of family and friends, who have been with us since the start journey.

The couple wanted to thank everyone who had prayed for them and sent them best wishes. Following their introduction on Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show, where he also gave them the moniker “CHill,” their budding relationship quickly became a key story component in her reality show.

Hill said on the OWN show “Black Love” that Bailey “ghosted” him at first but that she and Hill got back together when she shared a “thirst trap” photo of herself in a bikini on a Mexican beach.

They had already been married once, but now they were about to tie the knot again. The couple has decided to end their marriage and is moving on peacefully.

They’ve decided to stick together as friends and will always be there for one another.

Neither of us is at fault, and they are glad our friendship hasn’t suffered. As a result, they said. As a married couple, they have innumerable memories to cherish. Then Bailey (age 55) and Hill (age 52) shared their gratitude for the ongoing and ever-increasing support they’ve gotten from their loved ones and fans.

As reported by People, the model and the sportscaster tied the knot in a Georgian ceremony on October 10, 2020.

The tabloid claims that 250 people were present at the wedding, including Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, and the winner of the previous season of “America’s Next Top Model,” Eva Marcille.

There were three of the women at the wedding party. Season 13 of “RHOA” also included a wedding scene with the couple.

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After The Wedding, The Couple Spoke To People About How They Met And Fell In Love

They said, “Mike and they are so happy that today has finally here!” Ten ten twenty is and always has been our perfect date. They are not perfect together, but they are lovely for each other.

They now realize that life is short and that nothing can be taken for granted. That our paths have crossed is a source of great joy for us. With God’s help, love can conquer any obstacle.

The couple thanked each other for being friends and promised never to forget their wonderful times together as a married couple.

Many of you have been with us from the start, and they appreciate the support of our family, friends, and fans as they begin new chapters. 

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