Dane Cook Shrugs Off 27-Year Age Gap Between Him, And Fiancée Kelsi Taylor!

Dane Cook Shrugs Off 27-Year Age Gap Between Him, And Fiancée Kelsi Taylor!

American stand-up comedian and actor Dane Cook shrugged off the controversy surrounding the 27-year age gap between him and his fiancee Kelsi Taylor. It was in the latest interview with E! News on October 4 that Dane opened up his mind.

Dane Cook also disclosed that their relationship will be one of the subjects in his latest standup special “Dane Cook: Above It All”. The comedian mentioned that the couple has a bit of an age difference and it’s in the show. He went on to add that if he and Kelsi cannot laugh at it, then no one else is allowed.

Dane Cook, aged 50 has been dating Kelsi, 23 since she was 18 years old.

How Long Have Dane Cook And Kelsi Been Together?

Kelsi Taylor even gave Dane Cook consent to use their relationship as content in his upcoming standup special. According to the comedian, Kelsi Taylor saw everything that he was preparing for the show. She was of the opinion that it would be great to include their relationship in the show.

Dane Cook And Kelsi Taylor

They would be having some fun at their own expense. Dane Cook went on to add that he has already started working on his jokes for when they get married. The comedian was of the opinion that marital life will change his comedy for the better.

According to Dane Cook, he would always hope to grow up with a generation of fans who love comedy. Years back he was a college kid speaking to students of college age and now their children are coming to watch his show.

As per Dane Cook, he is a family-oriented person and is looking forward to his future with Kelsi Taylor and their family. He felt that the timing was right. It was after five years of dating that Dane Cook proposed to Kelsi Taylor. On July 13th, the actor proposed to her at York Beach, Maine.

It was at the same venue where they both went for their first trip way back in 2017. On August 2nd, Kelsi Taylor shared the news of her engagement with Dane Cook via an Instagram post. It was the photo of Dane Cook kneeling down on his knees and proposing to her.

A caption was attached to the post “Fiancé has a nice ring to it”. Following Kelsi’s post, Dane Cook also shared the news of their engagement on Instagram on August 8th. He has six released comedy albums to his credit. Some of them include Harmful If Swallowed, Retaliation, and Vicious Circle.

This “Retaliation” went on to become the highest-charting comedy album in 28 years. He has also acted in several films such as Mystery Men, Waiting… and Employee of the Month. Dane Cook was one of the first comedians to have a personal webpage.

The comedian has won the hearts of fans for his observational comedy and sometimes for dark comedy. As per her Instagram profile, Kelsi Taylor is a certified Pilates/TRX Instructor. She is also a certified Food therapist/nutritionist.

Kelsi Taylor conducts fitness classes and it ranges from personal sessions to classes at home/gym/studios.


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