Draymond Green Is Back With The Warriors

Draymond Green Is Back With The Warriors, Won’t ‘hold On To Past’

The fans of Golden State Warriors are all set to have a great time as the most awaited news of Draymond Green returning to the team has been official now and hence the fans will be looking forward to seeing how well he performs in the upcoming matches. Draymond Green has been a vital player for the team and his return will just boost the morale of the camp. 

Draymond Green was in the news because of an argument with his teammate, Jordan Poole. And because of this he left the team in the middle and opted out of the team.

Draymond Green Is Back With The Warriors

However, in a recent interview, Green said that he isn’t going to hold on to the past, and hence he is looking forward to playing again for the team who has given him so much respect and love from the fans. Currently, Green is hoping for a friendly return to the side and thus has been in talks with the management on how to proceed further for the matches. 

What happened between Green and Poole? 

On Last Friday, the footage was leaked where it was seen that Poole was punched by Green, and both players were involved in a serious fight which led to a bit of a scuffle in the team. And after this, Green decided to stay away from the team for an indefinite period and this week he returned back after making sure he resolves the issue with his teammate. Apart from it, Green has said that he isn’t the one who always holds onto the past and hence this is the time to move on from what has happened. 

But the head coach of the team, Steve Kerr isn’t that happy with the return of Green as he feels that his actions were immature and hence it led to an altercation between the team members. Moreover, he has to work hard to make sure that the team gets its reputation back. Currently, it has been a tough time for Green but he is looking to come forward and play his part in becoming a friendly member of the team again. 

Besides this, Green has stated that Jordan Poole is someone who always plays for the team and hence his presence is crucial for the team. Moreover, the altercation between both of them isn’t going to affect their relationship and coordination on the field. Furthermore, he added that it’s their job to play for the team despite any issues and hence they will be hoping to play their part in the matches. 

Now after returning to the team, Green will be playing his first match on Tuesday against the Los Angeles Lakers who have been in great form, and hence it will be a tough task for the Golden State Warriors to beat them. But with the key players already present in the team, Golden State Warriors will be looking to give a tough fight to their opponent in the upcoming match. 

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