TF White Eagle saves lives of mother, infant

Written by By Artur Weber Task Force White Eagle Public Affairs Wednesday, 05 January 2011 14:44

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – The Task Force White Eagle Polish Army medical team, (from left) Lance Cpl. Katarzyna Jaśkielewicz, Lance Cpl. Angelika Ochota, Lance Cpl. Robert Mikulec and Dr. (Lt.) Katarzyna Rupenthal, pose for a picture with a newborn Afghan baby girl at Forward Operating Base Warrior Jan. 3. (Photo by Polish Army Warrant Officer Wojciech Kluczewski, Task Force White Eagle)GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – A medical team from Task Force White Eagle saved two Afghan lives at Forward Operating Base Warrior Jan. 3. 

While on a quick reaction force mission, soldiers from TF White Eagle’s Battle Group Bravo came upon a car that had a woman in a very advanced stage of pregnancy. The soldiers soon discovered the woman had begun to give birth.

Polish Army paramedics, Cpls. Katarzyna Zdon and Stanislaw Kaczmarski, began administering first aid. They knew that the situation was serious and informed the patrol’s commander immediately that the woman needed medical help and may give birth any time. Without hesitation, Polish Army Warrant Officer Sławomir Świątek, QRF commander, reported the situation to the operations center and asked for permission to transport the woman to FOB Warrior’s field hospital.

After obtaining consent, soldiers moved the woman to a medical vehicle and quickly moved towards the base. Along the way the woman lost amniotic fluids. After they arrived at the clinic and spoke to an interpreter, they learned that she had been in labor for 24 hours. The woman was very exhausted. The Polish Army medical staff, Zdon, Dr. (Lt.) Katarzyna Rupenthal, Lance Cpl. Agnieszka Bator, Lance Cpl. Robert Mikulec, Lance Cpl. Katarzyna Jaśkielewicz and Lance Cpl Angelika Ochota, all started to do their jobs. The Afghan woman was so exhausted that she had no strength to push but, finally, at 8:30 p.m., she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl.  

“This is not the first time that I delivered a baby, but definitely the first time in such conditions,” Rupenthal said, adding that the woman was very brave and very happy. Her husband was at the hospital waiting very impatiently. He profusely thanked the doctors and FOB Warrior’s commander, Lt. Col. Grzegorz Kostrzewski.

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – An Afghan family looks at their new family member after she was delivered by the Polish Army medical team at Forward Operating Base Warrior Jan. 3. (Photo by Polish Army Warrant Officer Wojciech Kluczewski, Task Force White Eagle)