Regional Command East boosts security, with Afghan participation in DoD's Reward Program

Written by Bagram Media Center Sunday, 04 April 2010 02:02


BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - In order to develop a more secure environment for the people of eastern Afghanistan, Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition Forces encourages Afghans to participate in the Department of Defense's Rewards Program.

The program encourages Afghan locals to report on weapons caches, explosive devices, explosive-making materials, criminals and suspicious activities in exchange for rewards.

So far, in the past three months, Regional Command East has received more than 560 information tips, of which 99 reports lead to weapons caches and 18 reports lead to the capture of key insurgent leaders.

Through this program, Afghans within the Regional Command East area have helped locate more than 1,500 weapons caches and materials in the past
three months.

Found weapons caches range from rocket propelled grenades, mortars of various sizes, blasting caps, rockets, projectiles, fuses and other explosive-making materials.

In addition to  the removal of weapons caches from dangerous hands, Afghan citizen tips have also enabled the successful capture and identification of more than 400 militants, since June 1.

These militants were linked to the Taliban and Haqqani networks. Some of these captured members were senior leaders, who were responsible for
planning deadly attacks directed towards Afghan citizens, Afghan government officials, ANSF and Coalition forces, as well as facilitating the trafficking of fighters, weapons, explosives and money to support their terrorist activities.

The identity of the participants of the DoD's Rewards Programs are kept anonymous and members may choose several options to report suspicious and criminal activity.

Rewards given to participants may range from $50 or higher depending on the significance of the information, weapon or individual turned in. Humanitarian assistance and community development projects are also available in addition to monetary rewards.


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