2-45th ADT makes first mission to eastern Paktya

Sgt. 1st Class Billy Payne (left) from Aubrey, Texas, project manager for the 2-45th ADT, writes down information regarding a watershed project here during a site survey Oct. 30 with (click for more)

TF Wolverine Soldiers discuss winter projects in Waras

Lt. Col. Wiley Blevins, Bamyan ETT team leader, Maj. Timothy Drake, contracting officer, and ANP Col. Mohmad Ishawk, chief of police for Waras District, discuss the positioning of a new (click for more)

Paktika PRT helps farmers grow crops year-round

Local farmers work together to construct a greenhouse during agriculture training at the Bermel District Center Oct. 28. Farmers from 10 districts in Paktika Province received training on greenhouse construction (click for more)

Soldiers on hunt for hidden enemy

U.S. Army Spc. Robbie D. Nuttle II of Galena, Kan., a “sweeper” for Route Clearance Package 36, Task Force Bastogne, checks the crater of an improvised explosive device blast for (click for more)

Delta Co. helps Charikar school

U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Christina Churchill, first sergeant for Company D, 186th BSB, 86th IBCT and a Sheldon, Vt., resident, passes hand crank radios to a worker at the Jolala (click for more)

New literacy program educates Afghan children

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Malal Loynab, a Human Terrain Analyst with CJTF-101, teaches an Afghan child English during a new literacy program, which she helped start at the Egyptian Field (click for more)

ROK PRT honors fallen Korean War heroes

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Republic of Korea soldiers cook steaks at a barbecue following a ceremony commerating the sactifices the ROK and United Nations forces made during the Korean War (click for more)

Czech PRT builds, repairs schools in Logar Province

LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – A new school building in Darwish, Pol-e Alam District, was recently completed by the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team. (click for more)

TF Iron improves new home

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan - Dining facilities at FOB Andar provide an indoor eating area for Soldiers to enjoy their meals and each other’s company. (click for more)

Bagram District KLE sets transition from TF Wolverine

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Spc. Sarah Huntley, a medic with Company A, 86th BSTB, 86th IBCT, which is located in Bradford, Vt., shakes the hand of a young Afghan girl (click for more)

http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/219237101030_a_3775s_001.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/581167101022_a_9212f_036.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/529902101028_o_9999x_001.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/448748101007_a_0846w_230.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/821039101027_a_1182g_018.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/914804101028_a_3904h_004.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/251676101026_a_0783m_010.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/585446100828_o_9999x_001.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/455586101027_a_5810p_004.jpg http://cjtf101.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/114498101024_a_1182g_175.jpg

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan police officer Javeed Hakmal, left, and Lt. Sherwali Hakmal, right, stand in front of one of the Afghan Police patrol vehicles Nov. 3 at the police headquarters in Mehtar Lam here. Javeed and his father Sherwali both graduated from the Laghman Province police academy Nov. 4, the first provincial police academy class to graduate in Afghanistan. Sherwali said his son has wanted to be a police officer since he was a little boy. (Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Matson, 210th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – The old saying “Like father, like son,” is as true in Afghanistan as it is in the U.S.

Sherwali Hakmal, 45, and his son, Javeed, 19, are from the village of Colman in the Alingar District of the Laghman Province. Both graduated from the Laghman Province police academy class Nov. 4 at the Police Headquarters in Mehtar Lam. The six-week class marked the first time a province has hosted its own police academy. 

“When Javeed was a little boy he would tell me, ‘Dad, please take me to the police station,’” Sherwali recalled with a smile. “He knew then he wanted to be a police officer.”

Sherwali said at the time it was too dangerous to bring his son to the station, due to the threat of the Taliban. In fact, for eight years, while the country fell under Taliban rule, Sherwali and his family fled to the mountains of Pakistan. Sherwali worked as a migrant farmer during that time. The same day the Taliban government was replaced, Sherwali said he returned with his family from the mountains.

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan police officer Javeed Hakmal relaxes between Laghman Province police academy training sessions Nov. 3 at the police headquarters in Mehtar Lam here. Javeed was one of the graduates of the first provincial police academy class to graduate in Afghanistan. He completed the academy with his father, Sherwali, who said his son has wanted to be a police officer since he was a little boy. (Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Matson, 210th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)Sherwali, a veteran officer with 20 years experience, said he was pleased with his son’s performance in the police academy.

“He did well at drill and formation and the other tasks,” Sherwali said. “In fact, I want to be the kind of police officer he is.”

Javeed’s pride in his profession was evident when he spoke.

“I came down here with my father to work for my country and to be in service of my compatriots,” he said.

Javeed said he plans to continue his training at the year-long academy in Kabul to become a more specialized officer. His father, meanwhile, will travel back to Alingar and will switch from investigative work to a role more in the intelligence field.

He said his time as a police officer is coming to an end, so he is pleased to see Javeed carry on his legacy. Sherwali also had seven other sons, but said none have expressed interest in police work yet.

“They have to choose their own paths,” he said.

But for a while, at least, both Sherwali and Javeed will be policing Afghanistan together, fighting the Taliban forces that once drove them from their home.

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ANP receive new stations in Kapisa

KAPISA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – French Army Col. Georges German, the Task Force La Fayette deputy commander; and Nijrab District Deputy Gov. Mohamad Safi and chief of police inaugurated the Mollah Bashro police station here Nov. 2.

Operations conclude in Pech River Valley

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – The combined security force of Afghan National Security Forces and International Security Assistance Force Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, finished clearing operations in the western Pech River Valley here Nov. 3. 

TF Iron conducts air assault to stop insurgent attacks

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Task Force Iron Rakkasans continue thwart insurgent activities as three platoons took part in an air assault operation into Shamshay Village, Andar District, here Oct. 29.  

Combined force takes fight to enemy in Kunar

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF Forces began clearing operations in the western portion of the Pech River Valley early Oct. 31. The operation involved the insertion of combat forces by helicopter and vehicles in the Darah-ye Pech District and focused on villages west of Nangalam.