Noor Gal women receive vet training

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan - U.S. Army Maj. Loren Adams of New Liberty, Iowa, veterinary officer for the 734th ADT, teaches Kunar Women's Shura member Sohila how to tie (click for more)

TF White Eagle doctors fight for Afghan woman’s health

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – TF White Eagle doctors wash an Afghan woman`s burned leg to prepare her for further treatment. (click for more)

A joint venture: 64th MPs, Alingar AUP work, patrol together

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan - Two Afghan girls peek out of a schoolhouse window in the town of Kachur Jan. 15. (click for more)

Kotalay: a village caught in the middle

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan - A town barber trims the beard of a village elder in the town of Kotalay Jan. 10. (click for more)

Iowa ADT small poultry project a sustainable success

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan - U.S. Army Sgt. Heather Eberle of Altoona, Iowa, combat medic with the 734th ADT, makes friends with Afghan children inside their home compound in (click for more)

Redhorse focuses on Bagram Security Zone

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Army Staff Sgt. William R. Haley (left), fills out paperwork while U.S. Army Spc. Joshua A. Knaack looks on. Both are Sioux City, (click for more)

ANSF, TF Storm provide security in Kharwar

LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Army Pfc. Ryan B. Stuart of Brooklyn Park, Minn., assigned to Task Force Storm, provides security for Afghan National Security Forces in Kharwar (click for more)

ANA, TF Lethal stop suspected IED emplaces in Zormat

PAKTYA PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Members of the 1st Coy, 1st Kandak ANA prepare to disrupt and prevent insurgents from planting an IED on a road near Tatanak Village in Zormat (click for more)

Paktika road boosts economy

PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Mohammed Anwar, the cousin of a shop owner in Mata Khan District, sews a scarf here Jan. 10. (click for more)

Laghman PRT visits shops in Mehtar Lam

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. John Kuehlthau, Laghman PRT civil engineering team, and U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Alexandra Davis, Laghman PRT medical specialist, (click for more)


GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – An Afghan woman who suffered severe burns to her right leg rests in the field hospital on Forward Operating Base Ghazni after receiving help from coalition doctors on Jan. 14. (Photo by Andrzej Papierz, Task Force White Eagle)GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Doctors from Task Force White Eagle, along with their colleagues in Poland, are fighting to save the leg of a 22-year old Afghan woman who suffered severe burns.

The woman, the wife of a contractor working on Forward Operating Base Ghazni, was burned after she fainted while baking bread in her home. The family attempted to get treatment in Ghazni and Kabul, but the Afghan facilities lacked the specialized facilities to treat her injury. Three weeks after the injury, a coalition forces interpreter approached Polish doctors at FOB Ghazni Jan. 13 for help on their behalf.
When she arrived on FOB Ghazni, doctors found the burned leg was already infected.

"After cleaning the wound, it was necessary to remove dead tissue,” said Dr. Robert Pustulka, TF White Eagle surgeon. “The woman was given antibiotics and general treatment was started, because in addition to the burns, the patient was very weak.”

Because FOB Ghazni’s field hospital does not have the equipment necessary to permit a proper diagnosis or provide the subsequent treatment of the patient, the doctors began consultations with military doctors in Warsaw, Poland. They discussed the possibility of treating the Afghan woman in Poland at the Military Medical Institute.

"Treatment in Poland is the only way to save the threatened limb from amputation,” said Dr. (Maj.) Robert Brzozowski. “On FOB Ghazni it is not even possible to execute a culture from the wound. That makes it difficult to determine the type of bacteria that caused the infection and combating the infection is a primary concern for further specialist treatment. But most importantly, the Military Medical Institute Burn Treatment Center in Warsaw has vast experience in treating such difficult cases.”

In addition to the treatment needed, the field hospital on FOB Ghazni does not have a separate room where the patient could be hospitalized with an unknown type of bacteria in a burned limb.
A helicopter transported the woman and her husband to FOB Sharana Jan. 18 where they boarded a fixed-wing aircraft to Poland.

Treatment in Poland will be conducted in the Clinical Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn Treatment, Military Medical Institute in Warsaw. There the medical staff will perform a proper diagnosis and, based on the results, determine the possibility of saving the burned limb.GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Task Force White Eagle doctors wash an Afghan woman`s burned leg in special liquids to prepare her for further complex treatment. Even though Forward Operating Base Ghazni’s field hospital is not dedicated to treat burns, doctors did all they could to improve the Afghan woman’s condition. (Photo by Andrzej Papierz, Task Force White Eagle)


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ANSF, TF Bastogne counters insurgency in Kunar

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