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Glenn Youngkin Suggests A New Transgender Policy

According to the new state education department guidelines, students should file legal documentation to be referred to by distinct pronouns. Virginia will no longer enable students to use facilities designated for the gender they identify and will force them to file legal documents if they desire to be called by their alternative pronouns, which might ignite controversy regarding how to manage transgender rights in schools. This Friday the Virginia department of education issued new recommendations for the transgender policy published by the state government last year.

Glenn  Youngkin the 74th governor of Virginia proposed a few model policies for transgenders in school. He recommended that the school administration should inform all matters to their parents. The patients should be aware of their child’s social, physical, and psychological development. He also mentioned that the school should not encourage tutors to conceal information related to the gender identity of a student from their parents. The guidelines specially mention that the teachers or staff should not speak or approach in any manner that might contradict their personal or religious opinions.

The 2022 transgender policy issued by the Virginian governor focuses on maintaining parental rights and upholding dignity and respect toward all students. Macaulay porter press secretary of Virginian governor Glenn Youngkin stated that the newly issued policies will help the students to overcome their fear of disclosing their gender identity. This law will encourage them to disclose their gender identification without shame. Certain Democrats and LGBTQ activists oppose this new transgender policy. They state that this policy is clearly a threat to transgender children. Forcing tutors to disclose a student’s gender identity to his parents can really cause problems. Mike Mullin former assistant commonwealth attorney of the city of Hampton on Friday tweeted that teachers and parents should support and address for who they are. Transgender students deserve to live in a society free of bullying and fear. Respect them and accept who they are.

During the previous two years, numerous states limited the right and protection of transgender students. This new policy is a wake-up call for them. The previous governor Ralph Northam instructed schools in Virginia to allow transgender students to use their facilities, pronouns, and names that match their identity instead of their sex on birth. One of the major goals of this new policy is to maintain a safe and supportive society free from gender harassment and discrimination. Glenn Youngkin stated that the previous laws issued by Ralph Northam completely ignored parental rights and other legal and constitutional principles that significantly impacted how schools educate transgender students. The new guidelines undo the rights provided by ralph Northam to the transgender society.

A.C.L.U In Virginia Said The New Policy Will Increase Transgender Student Self-harm And Suicide.

The A.C.L.U ( American Civil Liberties Union) in Virginia stated that the new policy will surely worsen the self-harm and suicidal rate among transgender students. Already we have a moderate suicidal tendency in transgender, this newly issued policy will clearly increase it. The governor  didn’t mention the punishments related to the violation of these new laws. The governor mentioned that the new laws will be released for public response. The Virginia Department of Education will evaluate the public response and create a final draft regarding the policy. The policy will only be active after the state superintendent’s approval. The approval of the new policy will be completely based on the public response. A group of 20 state attorneys filed a lawsuit against this policy. Numerous campaigns have been organized encouraging and discouraging the new policy. The public audience plays a vital role in deciding the law’s existence. Hopefully, we can wait and see what is yet to come.

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