Google 4k Chromecast

Google 4k Chromecast Receives A Major Android Tv12 Update!

Google 4k Chromecast is the device that has made it possible for users to stream their favorite videos on the go. With the android TV 12 update, Google’s 4K 

Chromecast has improved the user experience by providing new settings like sound surround and HDR formats.

What’s new: 

  • HDR format 
  • Match content frame rate
  • Mic and camera privacy
  • Sound surround settings

HDR format:  As Google’s Chromecast was previously running in android TV 10 even after a few updates, the new version is fit for android TV 12. The size of the update is approximately 722MB. Now, it is available with an HDR facility.

Google 4k Chromecast

Match content frame rate feature: This new feature allows Chromecast to dynamically adjust the video output based on the native frame rate of the content displayed. 

Mic and camera privacy: Privacy is the most wanted thing in today’s era. This Android TV provides a mic and cameras for increasing privacy and security. These changes come in the wake of concerns over privacy and security following several high-profile scandals involving data misuse and have become a relief to many users. 

Surround sound setting: this feature helps the viewers get the best sound experience. The Chromecast update gets a lead over many similar products with HDR-quality video and surrounding sound settings. System sound was enabled in android 10, but it was nominal. In the new update with the introduction to TV 12, the volume seems higher and more impressive with the sound surround setting. 

Upgrades And Changes:

The latest and most recent update supported the Chromecast by TV 12 earlier. It was only supported by TV 10. There had been a constant problem due to a bug where the stick could not recognize the USB-C hubs. Also, the only way to get rid of this issue was to power off the Chromecast and replugged it. The new update resolves this problem too.

It is to be noted that the latest update is an upgrade to the cheaper model, which was supported by TV 10. 

Other changes:

Apart from the above-cited significant changes, there have been a few more amendments in the system setting:

Volume control shift: The volume control in the Chromecast has been displaced. It s an excellent little change that will give more space to the content screen, avoiding the lower screen, where the info or subtitles come to be covered. The volume control’s new dark theme is also looking good.

Better USB hubs: the USB port has always been a feature in google TV Chromecast. The USB-C hub is an excellent addition.


The 722 MB update in the Google 4K Chromecast makes it at par with the market standards and gives it an aesthetic change. The significant changes include the HDR format and the match content frame rate. Anong With this, mic and camera privacy is another highlight. Also, the sound surround setting makes it to another level. In addition to these significant changes, a few changes and shifts in the volume control UI and the USB hu upgrade gives the whole thing a fresh touch.

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