Google Has Restocked Almost All Pixel Watch Bands [U]

Google Has Restocked Almost All Pixel Watch Bands [U]

From “Active” silicone to fancier leather designs, Google launched more than 20 different band designs for its Pixel Watch. For a hefty cost, Google is also set to launch some metal bands in the near future. But you will have to wait a bit more if you want your Pixel Watch to come along with extra bands.

Google Has Renewed Almost All Pixel Watch Bands [U]

However, at least for now, you are required to purchase bands either from Google or its partners as the Pixel Watch is currently using a proprietary band system for its bands. Still, on the day of the launch, a number of Pixel Watch bands were very late and sold out.

Google Has Restocked Almost All Pixel Watch Bands [U]

The Google store went out of stock on several band designs. Moreover, existing orders also seem to be delayed. Many have been reporting that the stretch bands are extremely in demand and as per the source, Google marked the order as “delayed” with estimated delivery of sometime in late October. Apparently, Watch and other wristbands are being delivered on the said date without any further delay. 

Now, the good news is that Google has restocked nearly every Pixel Watch band in store after showing out-of-stock notices and heavy delays for several band options. 

After a short wait, we are currently getting to see the bands are back in stock from leather to stretch and ostensibly the shipping is expected to be complete in a week or so ( it may vary depending on your region). However, there is still this one band that hasn’t been restocked yet, the linen two-tone leather band. 

If you were looking to replace your band, act fast. People are pouring on the website making both watches and bands disappear in days. 

For readers from North Carolina, you can examine the below chart to learn the situation at the Google store on Oct. 13. However, your timeline might vary according to your country. 

Crafted Leather

  • Ivy (small) – Nov. 2-10
  • Ivy (large) – Waitlist only 
  • Obsidian (small)- Oct. 27- Nov. 3
  • Obsidian (large) – Waitlist only

Woven Band

  • Lemongrass – Waitlist only
  • Ivy – Waitlist only
  • Coral – Oct.27 – Nov. 3

Active Band

  • Lemongrass – Nov. 12-29
  • Obsidian – Nov. 12-28
  • Hazel – Oct.22-26
  • Charcoal – Oct. 21-28
  • Chalk – Oct. 22- 26

Two-tone Leather

  • Chalk (small & large) – Waitlist only
  • Linen (small & large) – Waitlist only
  • Charcoal (small & large) – Waitlist only


  • Rose (XS) – Nov. 5-14
  • Rose (S) – Waitlist only
  • Rose (M)- Nove.2 – 10
  • Rose (L)- Waitlist only
  • Rose (XL)- Nov.2-10
  • Linen (XS)- Waitlist only
  • Linen (S)- Nov. 11-23
  • Linen (M)- Waitlist only
  • Linen (L)- Waitlist only
  • Linen (XL)- Waitlist only\
  • Obsidian (XS)- Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (S)- Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (M)- Waitlist only
  • Obsidian ( L)- Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (XL)- Waitlist only

The retailer, Best Buy, is also selling the Pixel Watch with much better turnaround times, but they don’t have the same selection as Google. Reportedly, only the ‘Woven’ and ‘Active’ bands are available in retail stores like Best Buy, but the best part is that they don’t make you wait longer. 

Currently, all versions are available for either in-store pickup or delivery, but the situation wouldn’t be the same for a longer period. 

Evidently, the proprietary route is going to cause a heavy headache for Pixel Watch buyers as only a week after the pre-orders opened, Google faced stock issues. It is a little bit shocking that Google didn’t opt to work with some third-party options, like those partners who create Apple Watch bands. 

We repeat, if you are looking to replace your band, act fast. 

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