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Newcomer’s Orientation Packet
1 January 2009
From:  CJ1, CJTF-101, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan
To:  All Individual Augmentees assigned to CJTF-101

1.  Congratulations on your upcoming assignment to support Operation Enduring Freedom.  You have an exciting opportunity to help a nation re-build.  Now is the time to plan for your deployment to Afghanistan and this packet is provided to help you get started.

2.  Before you leave:  It is important for you to have a point of contact prior to your deployment.  If you are unsure of your assigned unit or section you can contact the CJTF-101 J1 at DSN 318-431-2746.

3.  Reporting Stateside:  If you are in the US Army, you will receive your orders to report to the CONUS Replacement Center (CRC) at Fort Benning, Georgia for training.  This is a one-week process (unless follow-on training is prescribed for your particular job/billet) and is an important stop on the way to Afghanistan.  While at CRC, you will receive any gear that was not provided to you at your home station (i.e. uniforms, weapon, protective gear).  If you are in the US Marine Corps, you will out-process the US from Tampa, Florida where you will receive applicable briefings and deployment preparation.  Your weapons and other equipment will be provided to you upon your arrival in Kuwait.  If you are in the US Air Force, you will out-process the US from your home base with no CRC requirements, but you may have other training requirements at various locations prior to deployment.

4.  Flight to Afghanistan:  The normal travel route for Army and Air Force personnel is from the U.S. through Europe, to Manas Air Base, located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  The CRC will arrange the flight to Afghanistan for Army personnel.  Sailors and Marines will normally travel to Afghanistan via Ali Al Salem Air Base, located in Kuwait.  Many travelers experience a one to three day lay over before a flight is available out of Manas or Ali Al Salem en route to Bagram Airfield.  You will usually fly a C-17 into Bagram from Kuwait or Manas.  If your service allows you to depart CONUS in civilian attire, you must change to a military utility uniform (ACU/DCU) prior to departing Manas or Kuwait.

5.  Assignment in Afghanistan:  Once at Bagram, your sponsor or personnel from your assigned section will meet you at the pax terminal.   If you do not know who your sponsor is, please contact the CJ1 JMD Clerk at DSN 318-431-2746.  The majority of individual augmentees for CJTF-101 will work at the Joint Operations Center (JOC) Compound on Bagram.  Individuals assigned to TF Paladin or the Joint Logistics Command (JLC) will likely work and reside on Bagram as well.  Individuals assigned to TF Anzio and a few individuals from other sections will work at Kabul, Kandahar or other locations across Afghanistan.  If you arrive after duty hours and your sponsor is not available, the pax terminal personnel will house you for the evening. 

6.  I look forward to meeting you upon your arrival and assisting you should the need arise, but in the meantime you can visit our website to learn more about CJTF-101, cjtf101.com.


      Latosha D. Floyd
             Captain, US Army
             CJTF-101 Joint Manning


Command Group, CJTF-101:
Secretary of Combined/Joint Staff -- DSN 431-3002/4100

J1, (Manpower and Personnel):
Joint Manning Document (JMD) Manager -- DSN 431-2746

J2, (Intelligence):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-2805/2902

J3, (Operations):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-4129

J4, (Logistics):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-4139

J5, (Future Plans):
Admin Office – DSN 431-3000

J6, (Communications/Network):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-2809/2815

J7, (Engineers):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-2937

J8, (Budget/Resource Management):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-2833

J9, (Civil Affairs):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-2824

Other Staff Elements, CJTF-101
Chaplain Cell ------------------ DSN 431-2727
Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) -------------4016
Surgeon Cell ---------------------------------2915
Inspector General (IG) --------------------4028
Public Affairs Office (PAO) --------------4030
Equal Opportunity (EO) -------------------4035 (located in JOC Annex)
Safety Cell ------------------------------------3016 (located in JOC Annex)
Headquarters & Support Company ---2744 (located in JOC Annex)
TF Guardian----------------------------------2239
Reserve/National Guard Affairs -------4255 (located by Dragon Palace MWR)

USAF 455 PERSCO (located at the PAX Terminal):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-4409

Marine Corps Element-Afghanistan (MCEA) (located at the PAX Terminal):
Admin Office -- DSN 431-4763/4033

USN Detachment Afghanistan:
Admin Office -- DSN 431-5538/5539

Joint Logistics Command (JLC):
J1 Office -----------431-4568/4231

TF Paladin:
J1 Office -------431-4631/3323


J1 Office -----------237-1012

J1 Office -----------237-1219/1260

International Security Assistance Force (ISAF):
J1 Office--------------237-1326/1325

Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A):
J1 Office--------------237-3425
TF Phoenix ---------431-2114

Joint Intelligence Operations Center – Afghanistan (JIOC-A):
J1 Office--------------237-0912


4.1  Travel Information Travel with all your military and personal gear.  You will board a chartered commercial flight with your weapon – no ammunition.  Mark your bags clearly to identify them upon arrival at PAX terminal (Manas, Al Udeid or Ali Al Salem).  Hand carry a backpack or small utility bag with at least 2-days worth of essential items (uniform, toiletries, etc.).  This will be extremely useful in the event you are separated from your baggage.

4.2  Contact Your Counterpart:  The best source for information concerning your deployment is the person you are replacing.  That individual can provide valuable information about your duty requirements and helpful information about what personal items to bring with you.  The person may contact you prior to your departure from CONUS; however, if you would like sponsor information, please utilize Section 2 “Points of Contact” to contact the Admin office within the section you will report to.  If you do not know which section you will report to, then contact the CJTF-101 JMD Clerk at DSN 318-431-2746.

4.2  Billeting:  There are two types of billeting: 4 to 8 person B-Huts (wood construction) or two-person metal CONEX-type rooms.  Both types of accommodations are air conditioned/heated.  Most rooms have single/twin size beds while others have military cots.  There is no linen service (bed sheets, blanket, towel, or pillow) available in theater. 
Communal latrines/showers are located in separate buildings/trailers; expect to walk outside of your room for a distance ranging from 25 to 100 yards to use these facilities.  Running cold/hot water is available.  Abundant amounts of bottled water are provided free of charge.  Do not drink water from the tap.  The water is chlorinated, but non-potable. 

4.3  Mail:  The main Army Post Office (APO) is located at Bagram Airfield next to the Air Terminal.  Mail travel time between CONUS and Afghanistan is approximately 6 - 10 days.  Military members can send letters and postcards to CONUS postage free.  Free mail from Afghanistan is limited to postcards and letters not to exceed 13 ounces.  Mail sent to you from CONUS requires standard U.S. postage and a customs form (for packages).  Mail is delivered/processed seven-days a week (subject to flight availability).  Deployed personnel are not authorized to mail back military issue items, such as chemical gear, ammunition, weapon magazines, war trophies or weapons. 

The mailing address for personnel assigned to CJTF-101 at Bagram Air Base is:

Last name, First name
CJTF-101, <Staff Section>
APO AE 09354

4.4  Dining Facilities:  Cafeteria-style meals are provided at five contracted Dining Facilities (DFAC) on BAF.  Meals are free.  Meal sizes are generous and the food is well prepared.  Meals are served four times a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight meal.  There is a dining facility located inside the JOC Compound for CJTF-101 personnel (O-1/WO1/E-7 and above) working in the JOC Compound.

4.5  Fitness Center:  Fitness centers are available 24-hours-a-day. Gyms have a standard arrangement of free weights/aerobic bikes and treadmills – more than adequate to maintain/improve your physical fitness.  There is a fitness facility located inside the JOC Compound for CJTF-101 personnel working and residing on BAF.

4.6  Phone Calls:  Calls from home to theater are difficult to arrange; however, many military installations have a program to allow family members to make calls through the installation operator – see your local Family Support Center for details.  For members calling from theater to home, there are DSN lines available in the MWR facilities that allow for easy access to your home station.  Commercial cell phones are available for purchase and can offer great convenience.  However, rates are high without the use of international calling plans.  AT&T Phone Centers are also available in the North and South PX area.  Calling cards are recommended.

4.7  Laundry Facilities:  Contract laundry service is available for free – they will wash a laundry bag of clothes not to exceed 20 pieces (including the laundry bag) with a two-to-three-day turnaround.  Laundry drop-off for members of the CJTF-101 HQs is located in the JOC compound.

4.8  Internet/E-mail Access:  CJTF-101 HQs members have daily access to the internet and will get a personal e-mail account during in-processing, to include NIPR, SIPR and CENTRIXS.  Communal computers are also available in the MWR facilities.  If you prefer to connect to the internet in your living quarters, a contracted commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) is also available on BAF for your personal computer; the monthly fee for this service runs from $35.00 to $100.00.

4.9 Body Armor:  All Service Members deploying to Afghanistan must have Individual Body Armor (IBA).  IBAs are either issued at your home duty station or at the mobilization site.  Individually purchased body armor or Vietnam era flak vests are not authorized in the CJOA – do not bring them.  If you are not issued the Enhanced - Small Arms Protective Inserts (E-SAPI) for your IBA, it will be issued to you in Afghanistan.  Personnel are encouraged to bring an extra name tag and rank for the front of your IBA to aid personal identification when body armor is donned.  In addition, this will clarify ownership if lost / misplaced.

4.11  AAFES:  There are two PX facilities on BAF – one in South Camp (centrally located) and one in the North Camp.  Selection and availability of items in these stores varies.  You can make purchases with Military STAR, Credit Cards, or Eagle Cash Card.

4.12 Civilian clothes:  In the event of an emergency leave situation, personnel are encouraged to bring one set of civilian clothes.  Emergency leave personnel will depart theater from Kuwait International Airport (KIA).  Military personnel are not authorized to travel through KIA in military uniform.

Other than standard Physical Fitness uniform, personnel assigned to CJTF-101 wear only duty uniforms (military utility uniform or flight suits) for daily activities.  While on Bagram, civilian clothes are only authorized inside your living areas, to include going to and from the toilet/latrines.  The only other time civilian clothes are permitted is while on 4-Day Pass at Camp Ali Al Sayliyah located in Qatar. 

4.13  Passports:  Passports are not required but it is a good idea to have one especially for those who qualify for R&R leave (365-day deployment) and wish to travel OCONUS.

4.14  ATM Machines.  Currently, there are two ATM machines on BAF.  One is at the North PX and the other is in the food court just across from the Main PX.

4.15  Food for Purchase.  When you want a change from DFAC meals, you can opt to eat/snack at concession food stands such as Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen/Orange Julius, and the Green Bean Café.  All of these restaurants are located at either the Main PX area or the North PX area.

4.16  Other Shopping Opportunities.  In addition to the two PX stores on BAF, you can also shop from the concession stores in the South and North PX complex.  If weather and Force Protection conditions permit, a weekly Bazaar by local vendors is held on Friday mornings.


Security clearance:  A current Secret clearance is mandatory for this deployment.  Some billets may require a higher security clearance.  Check with your local security officer to ensure your security clearance is up to date, and check with the individual you are replacing to make sure you have the level you will need.   

Last Updated ( Monday, 23 February 2009 )

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