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Written by Headquarters United States Forces Afghanistan   
Monday, 01 December 2008

KABUL, Afghanistan —Coalition forces killed four Taliban fighters, including a targeted Taliban commander who was dressed as a woman, during an operation to disrupt the Taliban’s roadside bomb and foreign fighter networks in Ghanzni province, Friday.

Coalition forces killed Haji Yakub, a Taliban commander in Qarabagh district, which is located approximately 290 km southwest of Kabul. The Taliban commander was responsible for killing innocent civilians by directing roadside bomb, suicide and other attacks against GIRoA and Coalition forces in the region.

Intelligence also suggests Yakub facilitated the movements of foreign fighter, weapons and bomb making materials into Ghazni.

While the force approached the targeted building they received small-arms fire from two armed militants. Coalition forces returned fire, killing both militants. The force then proceeded to instruct all individuals inside the compound to surrender and exit. Six women and 12 children responded to the command and exited the building peacefully. As the force questioned the women they discovered one woman was actually a male dressed in women’s clothing and wearing a burqa. The male, later identified as Yakub, attempted to engage the force and was killed.

During the operation, a fourth armed militant was killed after he displayed hostile intent and attempted to engage the force.

A search of the compound revealed multiple AK-47 assault rifles and other military equipment.

Col. Jerry O’Hara commented that “Coalition forces continue to pursue these enemies of the innocent and do their upmost to prevent further harm to Afghan citizens.”

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