Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team
A young girl crawls from under her parents' table at a market in Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan May 3. An economic assessment, conducted by Army Civil Affairs, confirmed soaring flour prices affecting Afghanistan are also affecting Laghman province. In April, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan cabinet put aside $2.5 billion Afghani so that the Ministry of Finance could buy more wheat and ease the burden on the Afghan people. (Photo by Army Pvt. Brian Vogel, Laghman PRT)

Air Force Lt. Col. David Poage, Laghman PRT commander, listens to a village elder during a ‘Shura,’ a meeting with tribal leaders and elders, at the Alishang District Center May 4. Poage, who is deployed from Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., discussed ongoing issues and problems affecting the community. (Photo by Senior Airman Brian Lowie, Laghman PRT)

Dr. Mohammad Yasuf, Afghan National Army doctor, treats a wounded Afghan National Police officer May 7. Yasuf and Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team medics were engaged in a joint-medical outreach in the Sangar Valley at the time the Afghan man sustained the injuries. (Photo by Air Force Capt. Quinton Weigner, Laghman PRT)

Senior Airman Robin Mock, Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team medic deployed from Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., stabilizes a wounded Afghan National Police officer May 7. The ANP officer sustained a gunshot wound while conducting a joint-medical outreach in Sur Ghar Village, Agfhanistan.<br /> (Photo by Air Force Capt. Quinton Weigner, Laghman PRT)

The Laghman Director of Agriculture and Livestock, Ismaiel Dawlet Zai, listens to U.S. Department of Agriculture representative Jim Green, as Deputy Director Mohamed Jafar inspects a tractor in the background at the Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team base, Afghanistan, May 10. During their meeting, arranged to demonstrate tractor operation and maintenance, Dawlet Zai discussed his agricultural priorities and what he hopes to accomplish for the Laghman people. Some of the key ideas mentioned were: higher quality seed for farmers, livestock improvement and management, and increased-dairy production. (Photo by Senior Airman Brian Lowie, Laghman PRT)

The Provincial Medical Technical Working Group met in Mehtar Lam May 14 to discuss medical issues affecting the people of Laghman province, Afghanistan. The newly-appointed Provincial Medical Director, Dr. Abdul Latif (center left), led the meeting in which medical officials from Laghman province, United Nations Assistance Mission &ndash; Afghanistan (UNAMA), Allied Medical International, Red Crescent, World Health Organization, and the Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team coordinated efforts to best serve the province. Some of last month&rsquo;s accomplishments included: providing food for 150 families affected by flooding, training for land-mine awareness, and donating an ambulance for a medical clinic in Mehtar Lam. (Photo by Senior Airman Brian Lowie, Laghman PRT)

A Provincial Reconstruction Team Humvee drives beside the Alingar River, May 17, after completing a multi-project quality-assurance visit in Laghman province, Afghanistan. Army Corps of Engineers experts led the mission, examining progress on the police headquarters, a retaining wall, a bridge and a new road in Alingar District. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brian Lowie)

A village leader speaks at the Alingar District Center, Afghanistan, May 21, during a shura attended by Haji Alifshah, the district&rsquo;s sub-governor, 56 Shura members and approximately 30 tribal and village elders. Ullah stressed that village leaders and the government should both work together to identify and prioritize the needs of the district. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brian Lowie)


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