Combined Action in the Khost-Gardez Pass

KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan –  U.S. Soldiers and Afghan National Security Forces are working together to increase security and governance along the Khost-Gardez pass at a new Combined Tactical Operations Center Read more

ANP learn how to effectively police their community

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – In the early morning on Dec. 22, before their normal daily patrols were scheduled to begin, 17 Afghan National Policemen lined up outside their district center. Read more

'Taliban hotel' destroyed

  KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Soldiers located at Combat Outpost Spera partnered with members of the Afghan National Army to destroy a multi-room building, used to protect insurgents as they travelled Read more

Afghan citizens save American asset in Panjshir

PANJSHIR PROVINCE, Afghanistan –The adventure began on the cold, wintery morning, Dec. 10, deep in the Hindu Kush Mountains of the Panjshir valley in Afghanistan. The Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team Read more
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  • UN special representative visits Panjshir leaders

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    Deputy Governor Abdul Kabiri and Tom Koenigs, UN Secretary General's Special Representative
    PANJSHIR, Afghanistan – Tom Koenigs, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative to Afghanistan and head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan met with the governor, senators, and other local officials yesterday to discuss provincial issues.The main topic of discussion was the Panjshir leadership’s desire for economic development to follow the recently paved $20 million road infrastructure project, which was completed this year.“The road was a great gift from the Americans,” said Deputy Governor Kabiri. “Now we need industry here to improve the local economy and help families.”Koenigs and his staff listened to local concerns and will take these messages back to Kabul and the international community. Koenigs praised the security and governance in Panjshir as an example for all other provinces to achieve. He also congratulated the leaders for ensuring Panjshir remains a poppy-free province.
    Last Updated on Saturday, 08 September 2007 13:17
  • Non-combatant, wounded by Taliban in Helmand, recovering in Tarin Kowt Hospital

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    Jar Mohammed, a farmer from the Helmand Province, in a Coalition medical facility in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan, after going through multiple surgeries as a result of being wounded by Taliban small arms fire Sept. 5.

    BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Afghan National Auxiliary Police officers, advised by Coalition forces, rescued and treated a non-combatant who was wounded by insurgent small arms fire during a failed Taliban attack west of the Musa Qalah wadi, Helmand province, Sept. 5.

    Jar Mohammed, 50, was working at his Anjir Shali farm when he heard nearby gunfire.  According to his statement to ANAP, he went into his house to take his wife and three children away from the fighting.  As the family was leaving their farm, he was shot in the right leg by insurgent small-arms fire.  Mohammed was immediately treated by Coalition medical personnel and evacuated to the Coalition medical facilities in Tarin Kowt for further treatment.

    Currently, Mohammed is in stable condition. He went through several surgeries as Coalition doctors attempted to save his leg, but in the end they were forced to amputate the severely damaged limb.

     “The insurgents have further demonstrated their intentions to harm innocent Afghan non-combatants and try to destroy Afghanistan,” said Army Maj. Chris Belcher, a Combined Joint Task Force- 82 spokesperson.  “The ANSF and Coalition are doing everything possible to prevent harm to non-combatants in all our operations.  Unfortunately, the enemies of peace in this country do not follow this same practice.  Our thoughts are with Mr. Mohammad and his family as he recovers from this heinous act carried out by the extremists.”

    The combined force was conducting a combat patrol in the vicinity of Anjir Shali Village, 17 kilometers northwest of Sangin District Center when they came under attack from Taliban fighters. More than 20 insurgents were killed in the fighting that followed, and one non-combatant (Muhammad) was wounded.

    No ANSF, Coalition or other non-combatants were injured or killed in this engagement. 


    Last Updated on Friday, 07 September 2007 04:37

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Iron Rakkasan medics help save pregnant woman’s life

PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan - Assisting local nationals is nothing new for Company C, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division medics as they have provided medical care for citizens of the greater Waza Khawa district area in the past.


Regional Command East boosts security, with Afghan participation in DoD's Reward Program


BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - In order to develop a more secure environment for the people of eastern Afghanistan, Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition Forces encourages Afghans to participate in the Department of Defense's Rewards Program.

Kiwi Team 5 uncovers weapons cache

BAMYAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Members of New Zealand’s Kiwi Team 5 of the Provincial Reconstruction Team recovered a cache of weaponry, April 1.

The cache consisted of one rocket propelled grenade, three rifles, three mines, one unknown object, and 1,500 rounds of ammunition.

There are community safety lines across Afghanistan for citizens to report criminal activities and weapons caches to potentially receive rewards.

Weapons cache recovered in Bamyan


BAMYAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Acting in response to information, members of Kiwi Team 2 of the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamyan province, Afghanistan, recovered a cache of weaponry, March 23.

Among the weapons found in the cache were 18 rocket propelled grenades, nine 107mm rockets, 112 grenade fuses and various motars and grenades. Also discovered were other small arms, ammunition, and equipment.