Coalition forces confirm Darim Sedgai death
Written by Bagram Media Center   
Saturday, 26 January 2008

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan— Coalition forces confirmed that Darim Sedgai was killed by unknown gunmen in Pakistan Jan. 16.
 Sedgai, a powerful Haqqani Network commander, was ambushed and later reportedly died of his wounds.  He is the third Haqqani network commander killed in recent months.  Afghan and Coalition forces killed Mullah Sangeen in December and Afghan National Security Forces killed Abdul Manan in October.  This recent death of Sedgai will impact the network controlled by the terrorist Siraj Haqqani. 
 “Siraj Haqqani will increasingly have to provide direct operational guidance rather than remaining in Pakistan,” said Col. David Anders, Combined Joint Task Force-82 director of operations. 
 “He will no longer have the luxury of hiding out while others do his fighting for him,” added Anders. 
 Sedgai is known for facilitating smuggling of IED making materials and suicide IEDs into Afghanistan.  Suicide attacks like the attack at the Serena Hotel have become a hallmark of the Haqqani network.
 “We can only call what happened at the Serena Hotel cowardly,” said Anders.  “Attacks against innocent, unarmed civilians are nothing but terrorist tactics designed to create fear and doubt.  We have to call the Haqqani Network what it has become, a terrorist network.” 
 “As Afghan National Security Forces increase their effectiveness against the terrorists striking innocent civilians in their country,” he added “we will see increasingly desperate tactics designed to create news headlines.” 
“The Afghan National Security Forces and their international allies will continue to put pressure on the terrorists to deny them the opportunity to conduct attacks against innocent Afghans,” he said.