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Konami Silent Hill Remake is Officially Confirmed!

Konami Confirmed Silent Hill Remake!

As per the reports, it has been confirmed that one of the most intense psychological horror game franchises of Konami Silent Hill, is getting a new sequel release. Although there is no clear information regarding the exact release date for the event.

It can be expected by the middle of the following year. The news was finally revealed to the public during the 2022 Konami Silent Hill Transmission Presentation’ where the gaming group made multiple announcements regarding the horror franchise game.

Konami Confirms Silent Hill 2 Remake Is Coming!

This year, the Konami event was held on the widespread public platform’ YouTube. The Silent Hill franchise will also get some additional updates not seen in the past, including the brand new sequel of the popular horror genre video game ‘Silent Hill’ named ‘Silent Hill 2.’

Konami Confirms Silent Hill 2 Remake Is Coming!

However, there will also be two other alternative versions of the game: ‘Silent Hill F’ and ‘Silent Hill Townfall.’ Also, a movie is being created based on the storyline of the original ‘Silent Hill Franchise,’ which is also named ‘Return to Silent Hill.’

The popular gaming group Konami has also confirmed that they plan to release a brand new, ‘live interactive’ stream series named ‘Silent Hill Ascension.’ Still, the release date is yet to be confirmed.

Who Will Be Making The Remake of ‘Silent Hill 2’?

According to the Konami YouTube Presentation event, it is clear that this time the new sequel is being developed by a polish gaming studio named Bloober Team. The studio is mainly famous for some of its previous pieces of work.

Which include the games, namely ‘The Medium’ and ‘Blair Witch,’ both of which were strong hits among the gaming community. One of the most exciting news regarding the development team behind ‘Silent Hill 2’ is that the tram includes two of the famous creators.

In the earlier ‘Silent Hill game, Akira Yamaoka and concept artist named, Masahiro Ito, of whom are famous for their creation of the monster in the game named ‘Pyramid Head.’

What Happened During The ‘Konami Presentation’?

The Konami presentation was shown on the popular platform named ‘YouTube.’ During the presentation video, there was a part that contained an interview given by the creative director of ‘Blooper Studio,’ Mateusz Lenart.

According to Lenart, it was clear that the gaming studio wanted to preserve the nature of the original game ‘Silent Hill.’ Still, it decided to make some spin-offs based on the original game with the release of new alternative versions.

The Konami Silent Hill, namely ‘Silent Hill Townfall’ and ‘Silent Hill F.’ However, it has also been confirmed that there will be a sequel to the original game named ‘Silent Hill 2.’ Still, one of the most exciting features of the game.

It includes the ‘over-the-shoulder view, which can be seen in many of the modern horror genre games. As per the information from several interviews with Blooper students, it has also been confirmed that Konami Silent Hill will be created using ‘Unreal Engine 5.’

When Will The New Sequel To ‘Silent Hill’ Be Released?

Regarding the release date of the new game Konami Silent Hill 2, there has been no clear information. During the presentation, it was mentioned that the decisions for the creation of the new alternative versions and the sequel have already been taken.

The respective studios have already started working on the projects. As a result, it is expected that the Konami Silent Hill franchise will be getting the new games by the following year.

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