Nebraska Is Three Victories Away From A Bowl

Nebraska Is Three Victories Away From A Bowl

Nebraska recently took Rutgers in the football game held at SHI Stadium in Piscataway on Friday, October 7, 2022. And to fans’ delight, Nebraska came out as the winner 14-13 reading on the tally. However, Nebraska is still 3 Wins Away from the bowl, therefore expect the remaining season to be full of excitement. 

Nebraska has registered back-to-back victories in their last two games against Indiana and Rutgers. However, they are next up against Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in home games.

Nebraska Is Three Victories Away From A Bowl

And if they truly wish to be in the Bowl, they have to continue their winning streak. Given the recent performance, it is safe to assume that Nebraska is all poised to give it in everything. 

Nebraska Is Three Victories Away From A Bowl

However, before the home games, Nebraska is up against Purdue. Sitting at ninth in the tally, their back-to-back win has again pushed them into the race of the Big Ten West Division. Nebraska currently is 3-3 and needs three wins to enter the bowl. 

Nebraska’s Borderline Victory

In their previous game, Nebraska clashed with Rutgers. Already struggling this season, the hopes weren’t high for Nebraska to come out on top in this game. However, their previous win against Indiana must have given them some confidence. 

However, despite high anticipation, the Nebraskan offense doesn’t perform as expected. In fact, many would call it the worst-ever performance put up by Nebraska. Consequently, they only had a yardage total of 304, their 12 of the 14 drives ended without any points. And in total game minutes, Nebraska can only push the point tally to 14.

How Did Nebraska Manage To Win The Game?

Nebraska did put up a lackluster performance in their offense department, but its defense was on point in the whole game. In fact, such stringent was their blockage that the opposition couldn’t score a single point in the whole second half.

Per the senior tight end Travis Vokolek, “Obviously we weren’t perfect, but we made enough plays. Give credit to our defense.”

Therefore, all the victory credits for Nebraska’s win against Rutgers go to the defense. The first half went scoreless for Nebraska, however, the offense took heed and gathered itself up. Consequently, Nebraska was able to score points in the second half. 

Thompson did try two times, but the shot was rather hastily done, therefore the ball ended up in Rutgers defenders’ hand. In the first half, Nebraska was trailing 13-0. But an excellent performance from Nebraska’s defense that doesn’t allow Rutgers any more opportunities in the second half and more balanced performance from the offense enabled Nebraska to claim victory.

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