Combined Action in the Khost-Gardez Pass

KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan –  U.S. Soldiers and Afghan National Security Forces are working together to increase security and governance along the Khost-Gardez pass at a new Combined Tactical Operations Center Read more

ANP learn how to effectively police their community

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – In the early morning on Dec. 22, before their normal daily patrols were scheduled to begin, 17 Afghan National Policemen lined up outside their district center. Read more

'Taliban hotel' destroyed

  KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Soldiers located at Combat Outpost Spera partnered with members of the Afghan National Army to destroy a multi-room building, used to protect insurgents as they travelled Read more

Afghan citizens save American asset in Panjshir

PANJSHIR PROVINCE, Afghanistan –The adventure began on the cold, wintery morning, Dec. 10, deep in the Hindu Kush Mountains of the Panjshir valley in Afghanistan. The Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team Read more
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WARDAK PROVINCE, Afghanistan– The International Security Assistance Forces are training members of the Afghan National Police Provincial Response Company in the field of intelligence in Wardak province, eastern Afghanistan, Feb. 13.

The training, which began this month and will continue through March, is meant to add on to the skills of the ANP officers.

To be selected for this training, individual officers were screened for abilities needed for the advanced course in the ANP-PRC such as informant managers or investigative officers. 

Also taking place in the province, the ANP Special Reaction Team members have been training as cadre for other ANP trainees and have exceeded ISAF expectations in their progress.

The immediate willingness of the SRT members to become cadre for the basic students is a huge step towards the increasing self-sufficiency of the Afghan Nation Security Forces.

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan- During the past few weeks, members of “Radio Pamier,” an Afghan radio station, have been reaching out to their fellow countrymen through the airwaves in Mehtar Lam district.

The radio station played music, hosted call-in shows, reported on the weather, sports and local news.

This past week, the Mayor of Mehter was interviewed, where he discussed upcoming projects, goals and his thoughts on concerns in the province.

Afghans were also able to call the radio station with requests and suggestions.

To support requests of more religious programs, the station recently added more religious programs and passed out Korans and radios last week in the district village of Amur.

So far, more than 100 calls were received during the call-in shows and feedback has been positive.

A few callers have asked “is this American Radio?” but the disk jockey replied “no, this is your radio station”



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