Afghan farmers receive technical expertise from ADT in Khowst

KHOWST PROVINCE – U.S. Army National Guard Capt. Randy Cuyler, a 3-19th ADT hydrologist and resident of Southbend, Ind., works side by side with Omar, caretaker of the (click for more)

TF Currahee conducts largest combined U.S., Afghan air assault so far

Pfc. Randall Kinnaman from Norman, Okla., provides security in a village in the Charbaran District Oct. 27 during Task Force White Currahee Toccoa Tikurah, the largest combined air assault mission (click for more)

Bamyan team plans projects with ANP

Army Lt. Col. Wiley Blevins, Bamyan ETT leader, from Wilmington, Del.; and Army Maj. Timothy Drake, contracting officer for the ETT from Lewes, Del., meet Oct. 25 with the contractor (click for more)

Women’s Outreach Team visits Khowst girls school

U.S. Army National Guard Lt. Col. Pamela Moody, 3-19th ADT Women’s Outreach Team and resident of Indianapolis, meets with Hasina Akhmad Ziy, principal of the Khowst girls school with the (click for more)

PRT, USACE engineers inspect Kunar Prison

U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class David A. Rogers of Bloomington, Minn., Kunar PRT engineer, and Shafak Pervez, electrical engineer with the USACE, inspect a generator control panel Nov. 1 (click for more)

Narang District Afghans take first steps toward security

KUNAR PROVINCE – U.S. Army Lt. Col. Joel Vowell of Birmingham, Ala., commander of the 101st Airborne Division's Task Force No Slack, addresses village elders at the Narang (click for more)

Father, son graduate from Afghanistan’s first provincial police academy class

Police officer Javeed Hakmal (left) and Lt. Sherwali Hakmal stand in front of police headquarters in Mehtar Lam. Javeed and his father Sherwali graduated from the Laghman Province police academy (click for more)

Paktya PRT attends Shura

Members of Paktya Provincial Reconstruction Team provide security during a shura in Mirzaka Nov. 4. The shura gave new PRT personnel the opportunity to introduce themselves to local Afghan leadership (click for more)

C Co. guards COP Penich

KUNAR PROVINCE - Army Spc. Brandon Brouhard, a combat medic from Modesto, Calif., assigned to Task Force No Slack, pulls on his helmet and gear to prepare for his tower (click for more)

Joint patrol makes a difference in Shalay Valley

Finding cover behind a rock wall in the village of Dag Mene, Kunar District, U.S. Army Spc. Joseph Kintz, an infantryman from Longmont, Colo., assigned Task Force No Slack, pulls (click for more) khowst.html so-far.html police-academy-class.html

GHAZNI, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Forces and International Security Assistance Force Soldiers from Task Force White Eagle and Brawler killed five Taliban improvised explosive device emplacers Sep. 2 during combat operations in the Andar District of Ghazni Province.


An ISAF air weapons team observed the five Taliban fighters emplacing an IED, made a positive identification and engaged them, killing all five.

The site was investigated and the Taliban bodies were turned over to Afghan National Police while the IED, the command wire, and several rocket-propelled grenades were destroyed in place to prevent their further use against the Afghan civilian population and ANSF and ISAF members.

This failed emplacement follows another failed attack that occurred Sep. 1 in Khowst District located in Khowst Province.  In this attempted suicide attack, a Taliban fighter accelerated a vehicle toward an ISAF route clearance patrol operating in the area. When the vehicle’s driver attempted to detonate his vehicle-borne IED, only the initiation device exploded, killing him instantly, but not setting off the IED.  The vehicle was cordoned off by ANSF and ISAF forces, setting up a 300- meter safety zone, and destroyed with a controlled detonation.  No damage or injuries were reported.

“Today’s failed attacks are a stunning example of the indiscriminate targeting of Afghan civilians by the Taliban,” said Lt. Col. Daniel S. Morgan, chief of operations, Regional Command-East and Combined Joint Task Force-101.  “They don’t care who they hurt by placing explosives on the roads that ordinary Afghan civilians travel on.”

Coalition and ANSF will continue to actively pursue and stop anyone who attempts to use explosives to terrorize, injure and kill Afghan civilians and members of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as they go about their daily duties of building a safe and prosperous country.  

“Today, the Afghan people win, and there are six less terrorists and two less IEDs that they need to be concerned with,” added Morgan.



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Security Forces begin clearing eastern Pech River Valley

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan  –  Afghan National Security Forces and Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, conducted an air assault into the eastern Pech River Valley in continued pursuit of militant fighters in the Kunar Province Nov. 12.


ANP receive new stations in Kapisa

KAPISA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – French Army Col. Georges German, the Task Force La Fayette deputy commander; and Nijrab District Deputy Gov. Mohamad Safi and chief of police inaugurated the Mollah Bashro police station here Nov. 2.

Operations conclude in Pech River Valley

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – The combined security force of Afghan National Security Forces and International Security Assistance Force Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, finished clearing operations in the western Pech River Valley here Nov. 3. 

TF Iron conducts air assault to stop insurgent attacks

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Task Force Iron Rakkasans continue thwart insurgent activities as three platoons took part in an air assault operation into Shamshay Village, Andar District, here Oct. 29.