Infrastructure projects, humanitarian mission underway in Laghman province

Written by Courtesy story Sunday, 10 January 2010 01:52

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan - Afghan children receive toys from the Laghman Agri-Business Development Team and Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team, Jan. 7. The Laghman ADT and PRT provided school supplies and toys to the local orphanage as part an ongoing humanitarian assistance project in the area. (Courtesy photo, U.S. Army)LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan –The Laghman Agri-Business Development Team is supervising an ongoing construction project and assisting in a humanitarian-aid mission in Laghman province.

The Laghman team partnered with villagers, who are training to become carpenters, to construct a barn on the research and demonstration farm in the village of Mehtar Lam. 

The project will improve the carpenter’s ability to work on construction projects throughout the region.

In order to ensure proper construction methods are used by the local Afghans, building techniques are taught in English, Dari and Pashto. 

The aspiring Afghan carpenters received a donated set of hand tools, which were contributed by several U.S. businesses and friends of the Laghman ADT. 

Each carpenter was presented with his own tool bag, tool belt, hammer, pry bar, square, gloves and other essential tools. 

In addition to assisting local tradesmen in a construction project, the Laghman ADT and the Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team performed a humanitarian assistance mission involving the only orphanage in the province.

The orphanage is home to approximately 300 girls and 50 boys. The children attend school, but they do not receive the same support for education that regular schools do across the province. 

The teachers and children were very grateful for all the donations they received from the ADT and PRT, which included school supplies, back packs and toys. 

“Coalition forces along with their Afghan partners are happy to do whatever we can to help educate young people in the region,” said U.S. Army Maj. T.G. Taylor, Task Force Mountain Warrior Public Affairs. “Education is important to insure a prosperous and peaceful future of the region.”


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