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Sherri Papini, ‘Super Mom’ Convicted To 18 Months In Prison For California Kidnapping Hoax

sherri papini

Sherri Papini, the California woman was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for faking her kidnapping and lying to federal agents with her cooked-up story. The California mother was sentenced to 18 months in prison for faking her own kidnapping which took place late in the year 2016. The latest footage that hit the internet shows Sherri Papini with her heads down leaving the courtroom after being sentenced to one and a half years in prison. 

In court, the 40-year-old lady was addressed as a manipulator. The six-year saga which began in the year 2016, finally seems to have an end. 

Sherri Papini, the mother of two, disappeared in 2016 and was out of sight for more than 20 days. She later reappeared in rural Yolo County, Calif., wearing a chain around her waistline and a band on her shoulder. 

The story she cooked-up goes seemed to be true and guileless. She said to the authorities that she got kidnapped by two Latino women while she was jogging next to her home. She alleged the two women tortured her badly for more than three weeks. This was the story she scripted to convince the legal authorities, friends, and family. Sherri Papini even shared a rough sketch of the two Latino women who kidnapped her. 

The pathological liar had spread such a false story to be with her boyfriend, James Reyes. Together, they were at his apartment in Costa Mesa during these missing days.

The legal officials who investigated this case said that Sherri who shared the rough sketch of the kidnappers intentionally tried to put innocent people in trouble by targeting them as criminals. 

But later in the investigation, it was found that she was with a male. The investigators discovered male DNA from the cloth she wore at the time of her missing. This made them suspect Sherri Papini and move forward with interrogating her for collecting the exact details about her disappearance on Nov. 2, 2016.

The FBI investigated Sherri and warned her of lying to the federal agents. 

She left the public and her family in fear and confusion as she suddenly got disappeared during her morning walk. 

William B. Shubb, the Senior U.S. District Judge in the federal courthouse in Sacramento called the super mom a habitual liar who lied to police, her own family, and the community multiple times. The honorable judge even pointed out the truth that if she missed not caught and punished this time, there is no doubt that she would surely commit such lies in the future. So, for this time, Sherri Papini was shut behind the prison with no loopholes that could make her set free.

William Portanova, Papini’s attorney tried hard and asserted a one-month prison sentence in custody followed by seven more months of home custody. 

For the argument William Portanova put forward, Shubb, the Senior U.S. District Judge said that he doesn’t believe individuals who were deceived will not commit further lies so one month or even eight months seems to be a minimum punishment. 

William B. Shubb even said that he had noted Sherri Papini had taken thousands of dollars and had done other payments in the victim’s funding. 

The super mom drew massive media attention when she vanished in 2016. The media debated this case many times, and they took this matter as a point to discuss for increasing their channel’s rating. Everything packed up once the significance of this case diminished over time. 

The misconduct made Sherri Papini tagged to be a skillful liar and manipulator.

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