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SNY’s Keith Hernandez needs shoulder surgery, out for the regular season

Keith Hernandez has injured himself in the game against Athletics in Oakland which means that he will be no longer available for the team in the ongoing season. The SNY analyst and the Mets Legends is all set to undergo a surgery after injuring himself in the match which has given a headache to the team officials as there is no one capable enough to replace him in the squad. Moreover, the incident has been reported that Kieth fell after he dropped his glasses and phone which proved to be fatal for him and he got injured. 

In an interview, Cohen said that Keith Hernandez isn’t doing well with his shoulder and hence he will be having a surgery to fix his shoulder and it will take a lot of time which means that he won’t be there for the further matches. He has a complete tear of a tendon which makes him unable to move his shoulder properly. Furthermore he said that the surgery is expected to happen next Thursday and hence the team officials are hoping for the best and wishing him to return soon on the field. 

Cohen further expressed that he wasn’t expecting Keith Hernandez to get injured this way and hence there is nothing much that they can do. However, as a member of the team, Mets has made sure that he received all the necessary medical treatment well so as to recover quickly and be back for the team. Keith missing the rest of the season is a major blow to everyone involved in the team meetings and other necessary things coming up. 

Keith Hernandez career and earlier injuries

Keith Hernandez has been a vital member for the New York Mets as he has been with the team as a broadcaster since 2006 which makes him highly irreplaceable for the team and the fans. Furthermore, he even played for the team from the 1983-1989 season and managed to perform well. Throughout his career, he was a part of the team that won several championships and awards. As a player, he was the winner of World Series for the Mets in 1986 and then he was able to win St. Louis Cardinals which was held in 1982.

Furthermore, he had an illustrious career as a player in the Mets which made the team retire the Jersey Number 17 which he used to wear during his playing days. Apart from it, the team members and the staff know how important he is for the team if they want to succeed in the future. 

Besides this Injury, Keith Hernandez was also earlier injured as his big toes required eight stitches after he fell out from the big hot tub in 2021 and it proved to be a major injury and hence he was out of the game for a long period of time. But this time, the shoulder injury is a massive one for him and hence the team will be hoping for a speedy recovery post surgery for him. 

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