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Social Security Benefits To Rising By Over $140 Per Month In 2023!

Social Security Benefits To Rising By Over $140 Per Month In 2023!

Social Security beneficiaries are going to increase their by 8.7% to their Social Security benefits till the year 2023 between recorded high inflation and it is going to be the highest increment of the previous 40 years. According to the announcement of the Social Security Administration.

The change has been applied in the USA since 13th October 2022. The benefit is going to increase by more than $140 per month on average starting in January 2023. It is considered the 4th major increment since automatic inflation changes were introduced in the year 1975.

Social Security Benefits Will Increase By More Than $140 A Month In 2023!

Accurately how much of an increment will happen the around 70 million Americans who trust this program for their income will see the changes soon. More than 65 million Social Security beneficiaries are going to see an increment in their benefit checks from January as well.

Social Security Benefits Will Increase By More Than $140 A Month In 2023!

As more than 7 million Extra Security Income beneficiaries will see higher payments starting on Dec. 30. Social Security benefits are going up and along with this the Medicare premiums are going towards the downside in the year 2023.

It will offer more calmness to the senior citizens and breathing room, is told by the acting SSA Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi in his statement and with this, he also told that “In this year significant Social Security cost-of-living adjustment is going to increase till 8.7%.

Compared to last year was 5.9% and it will be the first time in over a decade that Medicare premiums will not increase and shows that it will be fruitful for older Americans and we will be offering more support to those who count on the paybacks they have earned.

The Social Security tax earning amount is going to boost from $147,000 to $160,200. There are too many people around the country who are dealing with rising prices in every field from rent to food as well as gas as inflation boosts have yet to yield.

The notification about their new benefits will be able to send through email starting in December to Social Security as well as SSI beneficiaries. They can also access their private social security account to visit the COLA notice online.

This is one of the fastest ways to find their new benefit amount because it is so simple and secure and people will be able to find it before the email. There is one more option available in which people will be able to opt in.

To get a text or email alert with the new message from Social Security like their COLA notice, rather than getting a letter in the email account. People can easily sign up or access their Social Security account online at

The information about the changes in medicare for the year 2023 is available here at For Social Security beneficiaries who are also enrolled in Medicare, their latest benefit amount of 2023 will be accessible in December month.

Via the mailed COLA notice as well as through my Social Security Message Center. If you want to see the COLA calculation then you can visit here:

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