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The Conjuring 4 Is Officially In The Works With Returning Filmmakers!

The Conjuring 4 Is Officially In The Works With Returning Filmmakers!

According to one Hollywood reporter, it has been confirmed that The Conjuring 4 is officially right now in the development stage and the writer of “The Devil Made Me Do It” David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is returning back as a screenwriter for the film.

Along with producers Peter Safran as well as duo James Wan. Johnson-McGoldrick who is the screenwriter of this popular franchise and frequent Wan collaborator has already penned the script for the second and third parts of the Conjuring movie series.

As well as also for Wan’s upcoming DCEU sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which also stars The Conjuring star Patrick Wilson together with Jason Momoa.

The Conjuring 4 Is In Development With Its Returning Filmmaking Team!

According to an Instagram post by James Wan about the news, it has been confirmed by him that Wilson and his Conjuring universe counterpart, Vera Farmiga (actress), both will be returning for the new sequel.

The Conjuring 4 Is In Development With Its Returning Filmmaking Team!

As we already know that this couple has played the role of paranormal investigators as Ed and Lorraine Warren in the last three movies of the Conjuring series as well as in the 2019 third par of Annabelle Comes Home.

The eight movies of this series have already been released and have been blockbuster hits. Last time, Wilson and Farmiga repeated their roles as the Warrens last summer in 2 The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It which was released in 2021.

Which pushed this franchise toward total gross to over $2.1 billion but the total budget of all the films was only $178 million, The Conjuring has become the highest-grossing as well as the most successful horror franchise in the current world and it is also very popular in India.

The conjuring 1 and 2 and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, both movies were directed by Wan as well as produced by Safran. However, there is no official deals have been finalized at this time for the movie. It may be possible that it will be based on Warrens’s cases.

The devil made me do it reveals a frightening tale of terror, murder, as well as mysterious evil that shocked even expert paranormal investigators Lorraine Warren and Ed according to the movie this was one of the most extraordinary cases on their record.

Which starts with a battle for the soul of a young boy, then bring them elsewhere anything they have ever seen before to mark and it was the first time in the history of the US that a murder suspect has appealed to be demonic possession as a defense.

It was the storyline of the third part of the Conjuring series. The star cast of the film was Sarah Catherine, Ruairi O’Connor, and Hook and Julian Hilliard and its director was Michael Chaves who is right now working on it in France’s The nun 2 movies.

Johnson-McGoldrick is associated with Warner Bros for a long time, he has also written the screenplay for the horror movie Orphaned which was released in the year 2009. Later for them, he also wrote Red Riding Hood as well as Wrath of the Titans for the studio.

This man has recently written Aquaman and has already given the story for Orphan: First, kill.

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