The Daily Show Will Continue Despite The Absence Of Trevor Noah

The Daily Show Will Continue Despite The Absence Of Trevor Noah

The shocking statement comes from Trevor Noah who is a lead host of the popular show “The Daily Show” that he is leaving the show after around 7 years before Noah Jon Stewart was the host of this Comedy Central’s late-night franchise.

As we all know very well that Noah took over from Jon Stewart in the year 2015.

Trevor Noah’s Absence From The Daily Show Won’t Stop It!

The news has been disclosed by himself on his seventh anniversary as a host of Comedy Central’s news parody series The Daily Show.

Right now, he is the current late-night host to leave and with him, James Corden which is the host of The Late Show is also leaving the show as well as the Samantha Bee’s leaving the Full Frontal. The audience has been completely surprised by his statement.

He is realized to have been working with the network for a long period to figure out how he can manage the challenging regular schedule.

Trevor Noah's Absence From The Daily Show Won't Stop It

The statement has been passed from comedy central about praising Noah and noting there is no fixed schedule for his exit and it has been also told by them that they are working with each other on the next steps.

Noah’s kindness for stand-up comedy as well as he also had progressively watched like a performer whose potential and capabilities were rising beyond the steady grind of a late-night show on Comedy Central despite the clue about the workload of the show.

And additionally, any leaving from the genre declared till now – from the firing of Samantha Bee to the resigning of Desus as well as Mero and the approaching exit of James Corden. Noah’s resignation could send the most dangerous signs yet about the future of late-night TV.

This comedian belongs to south Africa and he was not famous in the US before being tapped to swap long-time Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart in the year 2015 and an alternative that Noah said was “a crazy bet to make” during his remarks on telecast Thursday’s show.

He also went to show his thankfulness for having been selected as a host for the Daily Show desk.

He said that “I found myself thinking whole the time, you know, all the things we have suffered through like the pandemic, the Trump regime, just about the journey of, you know…the more pandemic. And I understood that after the 7 years that my time has been up now, but this journey was most beautiful, honestly,” provoking audible gasps from the public.

Noah’s resignation from the Comedy Central tentpole is not entirely shocking just because in the year 2017 he had signed a five-year contract with Comedy Central for the hosting of The Daily Show, and it simply means that his contract has been over.

According to Matthew Belloni’s Puck newsletter, Noah was generating around an eight-figure income, which may be renegotiated if he were interested to extend his contract for the show. It is said the Belloni “The Daily Show will continue, but to find the Noha’s replacement isn’t an easy task.”

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