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The Iphone 14 Pro Camera Shakes And Rattles When Used With Tik Tok, Snapchat, And Other Third-party Applications

Recently launched, the iPhone 14 is facing many issues regarding its camera. iPhone 14 users face camera setting problems with Tik Tok, Snapchat, and other third parties. This issue is mainly seen with the users of Snapchat, where the camera’s view is vibrating, shaking, and making noises.

A few users reported that their newly bought iPhone 14 Pro camera does not work correctly and are facing many issues. The camera is used for other third-party apps and makes mechanical and physical noises.

The same issue is faced by multiple users who have been through bad experiences. Snapchat users mostly experience this problem. Numerous consumers are concerned that it may be a hardware or software problem. This issue crops up only on Snapchat while the phone’s standard camera works properly.

The significant issue with third-party apps

The camera issue with the iPhone 14 Pro proves it is useless when using third-party apps. The issue is viral mainly on the Internet and creates traffic because numerous users of the iPhone 14 Pro face this problem.

The iPhone 14 Pro comes with many camera improvements, and after some success, the user-facing camera issue is the main highlight of the iPhone 14 Pro. Users of the iPhone 14 Pro report that third-party apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok are all the only ones that lead to camera instability. This is a big problem, as camera quality is a specialty of the iPhones. The images are not appropriately seen and are a little blurred.

Noise Destructions

Users also complain that while they focus on the camera, they face grinding, vibrating noise, and camera shaking. This ‘noise’ may come from any hardware or software damage. Different buzzing and rattling noises are heard from the iPhone 14 Pro camera. This problem is not yet detected by iOS or Apple. Apple is yet to be connected with the use of the iPhone 14 Pro with the solution to this problem.

What are the causes of these camera issues faced by the users of the iPhone 14 Pro?

When users use the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro along with third-party apps like Snapchat and Instagram, these issues mainly crop up. According to some sources, it may be connected to the issue with third-party software. Because the vibrating noise comes from the third-party apps instead of the original camera of the iPhone 14 Pro, the causes of the damage to the iPhone 14 Pro camera are unclear.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max are India’s two most expensive and demandable smartphones. So, if its users face the camera or other issues, it would be a massive loss.


  • The iPhone 14 Pro is among the best or the most expensive smartphones and is liked by many users. 
  • It is generally known for its camera modeling and quality. 
  • Recently, iPhone 14 Pro users have had a problem with its camera. 
  • Users say that when they use the camera on the iPhone 14 Pro and the third-party apps, they face the camera shaking and making some physical noise. 
  • The problem has not been detected yet, but very soon, the leading cause of the problem will be identified and solved by Apple or iOS.

Users Point

In this article, we briefly discussed a new issue faced by the users of the iPhone 14 Pro and the causes of this problem.

Users aren’t able to know the actual cause of this problem, but it is one of the most severe problems for users of the iPhone 14 Pro because if there is any technical issue with the phone, they suffer a huge loss.

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