Trevor Noah Reveals His Next Move After The Daily Show

Trevor Noah Reveals His Next Move After The Daily Show!

When Trevor Noah leaves his role as host of The Daily Show in December, he plans to concentrate on stand-up comedy and other projects in addition to returning to the show’s roots.

The South African comedian recently made news when he announced that he would leave his role as host of The Daily Show after serving in that capacity for seven years. On December 8, he will give the last performance of his career. He discussed his upcoming resignation and the reasons behind it during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

When The World Changed, They Lived In Our Apartments For Two Years.

The conversation continued with Noah telling Fallon, “They have gone through communal grief.” They think it’s a positive thing because if you don’t look at your life and think about the things you’d alter, you haven’t lived through the same things that the rest of us have.

Trevor Noah Reveals His Next Move After The Daily Show

As he concluded, he said, “they no longer take anything for granted.” They do not consider it something that should be taken for granted that life will go on. So, they’ll say, “Well, that’s the end of it.” You should probably get up now before anyone asks why you’re leaving. Think about what would happen if things were switched around. When they say they are going to their job, most people are happy for them.

Noah Assumed His Role As The Permanent Host Of “The Daily Show” On Comedy Central In 2015.

 Both of his predecessors, Jon Stewart, who hosted the show for 16 years, and Craig Kilborn, who hosted it for only 18 months, had more experience than he has at this point.

As of when this article was written, Noah has presided over more than a thousand broadcasts of his daily show, which is usually televised on weekdays from Monday through Thursday. He has a strategy for spending his free time for the foreseeable future.

Noah joked that he would take drum lessons with Questlove of The Roots because he wanted to learn “everything.” Questlove is a member of the band The Roots. “They are pretty excited to start everything they have planned. If they hadn’t been doing stand-up comedy, they would never have been able to go to so many different parts of the world. What can they say? When they were younger, they would go to one place at a time and stay there for many months.

  • They would spend weeks studying a particular component of the culture or language to prepare for a program centered on that subject. They intend to get back into that routine. Making something, you know? Putting all of our attention on the creative process behind the camera, such as coming up with fresh ideas, etc., They choose to remain in South Africa so that they may spend more time with the family. Yes, they do intend to complete everything.
  • Since Noah has gotten back into his usual routine of doing stand-up comedy, Fallon has notified him that he is free to continue traveling places. 

Before he steps down as host of The Daily Show on December 8, Noah will preside over further program episodes. Before that, he will host a week’s worth of broadcasts from Atlanta under the moniker The Officeless Daily Show, beginning on October 31 and continuing through November 3.

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