California Gas Rebate: When It  Arrives?


The Middle Class Tax Refund is a one-time reimbursement for Californians who filed their 2020 taxes by October.

The payments range from $400 to $1,050 for joint filers and $200 to $700 for others, based on income and dependents.

The state began giving out the money two weeks ago, but payments have been delayed, said San Diego State University economics head Hisham Foad.

“The major concern with the delay is that people may have seen this news and modified their behavior,” Foad added.

The state is sending out tax refunds in phases; the next set will get theirs on Oct. 24.

Those who e-filed their taxes in 2020 and received a direct transfer refund will get it before Nov. 14.

Other filers won't get their money until January 2023.

Someone may have rushed a transaction because they expected a check by October. Foad said a delay until November or later could present complications.

The Franchise Tax Board aims to issue 8 million direct deposits and 10 million debit cards by early next year. Precise dates will be announced next month.