Gas App: The Viral Social Media App


In August of 2022, a brand-new social media application known as Gas was released, and its specifically for teenagers

It allows users to anonymously answer questions about persons in their high school, such as 'who do you secretly admire?' or 'their smile makes my heart melt.'

You select four persons from your high school for each question, and you collect coins for answering questions.

The coins then allow users to reveal who answered questions about them, but there is no method for users to communicate with others within the app.

It's presently the most popular app on the iOS App Store, with the fascinating tagline: "See who likes you. Discover your crush."

The app, which is built on positivism, is essentially all about 'gassing' up your pals and was designed by Isaiah Turner, Dave Schatz, and Nikita Bier.

The latter was the creator of tbh, a comparable US social media programme aimed at high school kids.

It was released in September 2017 and acquired by Facebook for an estimated $100 million; however, the app was cancelled in July 2018 due to minimal usage.

If you went to your App Store to get Gas and couldn't find it, it's because it's only available in the United States.