Herschel Walker Net Worth In 2022


Herschel Walker is a retired American football running back, bobsledder, and MMA fighter.

Herschel Walker is seeking for the Republican nomination in Georgia's United States Senate race in 2022.

It is widely believed that Walker is one of the wealthiest lawmakers in the state of Georgia.

According to Forbes, Herschel Walker's net worth is $73 million. Over the next couple of years, it is predicted to reach $90 million.

Herschel Walker owns more than 12 real estate assets, eight cars, and three luxury yachts.

 Herschel Walker's assets also include nearly $25 million in cash reserves.

Additionally, he is the owner of an investment portfolio that is comprised of 10 stocks and is valued at $16 Million.

His current home in Georgia is a vast mansion that spans 10,500 square feet and is located in the state of Georgia.

Herschel Walker currently earns approximately $7 million each year from his enterprises, brand endorsements, and royalties.