International Day Against Breast Cancer


The World Health Organization (WHO) started the International Day against Breast Cancer on October 19, and it is now celebrated all over the world. 

The goal is to raise awareness about the disease and help more people get timely and effective diagnoses and treatments.

According to the WHO, 16% of female cancers are breast cancer. It's the most frequent cancer in developing and developed countries, and 519,00 women died of it in 2004

According to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the risk factors are:

Risk factors

• Bad habits 
• Sedentary 
• Family background 
• First kid after 30 
• No children 

•Menopause hormone
•Alcohol, overweight, and lack of physical activity.
•Taking hormonal contraceptives for 5+ years
• First menstruation before 12

What should you check?

• Asymmetry in one breast.
• A pea- or hazelnut-sized, nonpainful lump or dense, hard mass.
• Different nip position.

• Breast skin changes.
• Areola color changes.
• More veins in one breast.
• Breast size asymmetry.