Kim Kardashian's Birthday: $72M Private Jet Makes Emergency Landing


Kim Kardashian's $72 million private jet made an emergency landing en route to Las Vegas for her birthday.

When plans went wrong, the Kardashian star and her birthday group were going to take Kim to dinner at Carbone and give her a private concert by Usher.

Kim, who was turning 42, flew to Las Vegas on her sister Kylie's private jet. Bad weather forced the plane to return.

The birthday girl posted about the night on Instagram and told her followers that it ended with a trip to In-N-Out Burger in Calabasas.

The birthday crew couldn't land in Las Vegas to go party with Usher because there were strong winds.

Last night's winds in Las Vegas reached 30 mph, according to the Weather Network. Kim shared the news on Instagram last night.

She said, "The wind made it so the plane couldn't land, so it looks like our Carbone party and Usher concert won't happen and we're going home."

Kim said that they made the most of the night by going to In-N-Out with all of her friends to place a big dinner order.

As they all kept drinking jello shots and eating fast food takeout, they changed their plans to a party bus.

She had a sit-down dinner with her family and close friends. The birthday group ate sushi, lobster tacos, baby artichoke salad, and mochi ice cream.