Leica M6 Film Camera To Be Re-released


The original M6, long regarded as the apex of Leica's film rangefinder cameras, was produced for 18 years.

Before it was discontinued in 2002, Leica produced almost 175,000 M6s in multiple variations

Approximately 20 years after the end of its production run, Leica has confirmed that the M6 will make a comeback with a few enhancements

According to Stefan Daniel, Executive Vice President Technology and Operations, the return is in reaction to the increased popularity of film photography.

The 2022 M6 incorporates technology from Leica's MP film camera, however the company emphasises that it remains true to the original M6 design.

The M6 gets the anti-glare MP-Style 0.72x viewfinder from the MP, and all of its optical surfaces are now coated, making them less susceptible to stray light.

Leica says that the 2022 M6's light metre now shows the correct exposure with a red dot instead of the two arrows it used to use.

The top cover has also been redesigned; initially made of die-cast zinc, it is now made of solid brass and 'enriched' with an abrasion-resistant black lacquer.

The Leica M6's exposure metre measures light through a brightened region on its mechanically operated fabric shutter.

The recommended retail price is $8,390, with Leica noting ‘supply will be extremely limited for many months.’