Lisa Gilroy's Viral Willy Wonka Video


Lisa Gilroy discusses the risks of inviting strangers to hang out on set.

You might think fans would want to connect more with their favourite stars on social media.

Lisa Gilroy proved otherwise in a tearful video that went viral on Oct. 18.

In a tweet with a more than two-minute video, the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star told his followers, "Do better."

In the video, she describes what happened when five fans attended her show.

From the start, it's clear that Gilroy is upset because she's wiping her eyes.

She says, "I wanted to discuss about last week." She reveals that she opened her direct messages to her Twitter followers and chose 5 fans to bring to the set.

"It went so terribly, I thought it would be fun for everyone, but I believed these individuals would treat me, the studio, and the crew with respect, and I was so wrong" she said.

She described what happened "almost right away" after she got there.