Microsoft To Cut Nearly 1,000 Jobs


According to the US news website Axios, Microsoft has laid off about 1,000 staff in a new round of layoffs.

It's the third round of layoffs since July. Microsoft sacked 1% of its 180,000-person workforce in July as part of a'realignment'

“Today we had a small number of role eliminations. We frequently evaluate our business priorities and make structural adjustments. Microsoft said in a statement.

Following the July layoffs, the business laid off another 200 people in August from one of its customer-focused R&D initiatives.

Recent layoffs came amid a tighter global economy, economic fears, and a tech winter that has made investors apprehensive.

Microsoft declined to reveal how many jobs were slashed, but Axios said it was under 1,000.

Some of the laid-off employees resorted to Twitter and Blind, among other online forums, to announce their dismissal.

According to Crunchbase, approximately 32,000 tech staff at Microsoft and Meta had been laid off by late July.

Uber, Netflix, and various cryptocurrency exchanges and lending platforms were all among the organisations who laid off workers.