Rivian Announces Major Recall Of Vehicles


Rivian Automotive stated on Friday that it is recalling almost all of the vehicles it has shipped to customers in order to fix a loose fastener.

The issue, according to the electric truck and SUV manufacturer, could impair drivers' ability to steer.

The recall affects 13,000 vehicles because a fastener connecting the front upper-control arm and steering knuckle may be undertorqued.

According to Rivian, there have been seven reports potentially related to the issue, but no injuries have been documented.

"If you suffer excessive front suspension noise, vibration, or harshness, call immediately," Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe wrote to vehicle owners.

The company claims it is a quick remedy and intends to complete all repairs in around 30 days.

The company, which was launched in 2009, hopes to capitalise on a growing consumer and investor hunger for electric vehicles.

Rivian is one of many companies, both new and old, attempting to steal market share from Tesla.

It went public last year, and its market worth immediately surpassed that of Ford and GM, but it has since fallen down to earth.

Rivian recently announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz last month to develop a factory in Europe that will make electric vans for both businesses.