Sharing Netflix Passwords To Stop Soon


Netflix will start charging for shared accounts early next year.

Netflix will start charging users for password sharing early next year, adding fees for "additional member" subaccounts when outsiders use your subscription.

This concept is being tested in a few Latin American countries and levies a cost for each extra member equal to a "regular" Netflix plan's pricing.

If Netflix keeps this strategy, each extra subaccount in the US would cost $3.50 to $4.

Netflix will also provide cheaper, ad-supported memberships next month.

Netflix will expand a password-sharing fee system it has been testing in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru for six months.

Netflix launched a profile-transfer tool Monday, a critical component of password-sharing fees tested in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

This function transfers a profile's watch history and suggestions to a new, independent account.

Someone can add this new account to their Standard or Premium plan.