The iPhone 14 Keeps Calling 911 On Rollercoasters


iPhone 14's Crash Detection feature, which is designed to alert authorities when it senses an automobile collision, dials 911 on rollercoasters.

According to a report, the feature has sent law enforcement to amusement parks after mistaking a thrill ride's twists, turns, and drops.

Apple's new iPhone 14, Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra have a gyroscopic sensor and high-g accelerometer trained on simulated car crashes.

If your iPhone's sensors detect an accident, it will alert you and call 911 if you don't dismiss it within 20 seconds.

When it calls law enforcement, it will play an audio message informing them that you have been in a crash and providing them with your location.

That is exactly what a number of consumers' Apple iPhones did, but at the incorrect time.

In a tweet, WSJ reporter Joanna Stern shared an example of a 911 call made from an iPhone 14 in Cincinnati's Kings Island amusement park.

As the automated message plays, muted cries can be heard in the background as the rollercoaster takes its course.

Although Incident Detection has assisted in detecting and alerting authorities about a deadly crash in Nebraska, the feature plainly has shortcomings.

Bringing smartphones on rides isn't a good idea, but fake 911 calls may be reason enough to leave the iPhone 14 behind. If not, enable aeroplane mode.