Wynonna Judd Denies Feud With Sister Ashley Over Mother Naomi's Estate

Wynonna Judd Denies Feud With Sister Ashley Over Mother Naomi’s Estate

Putting an end to all rumors about her alleged spat with her sister Ashley, American country music singer Wynonna Judd has come out with a clarification that all is well between them.

Rumors were rife that the Judd sisters are having a feud over their mom’s estate following the demise of their mother Naomi Judd recently.

Wynonna Judd Speaks Out About Alleged Conflict With Ashley Regarding Mom Naomi’s Estate!

The singer’s mother Naomi had committed suicide last April with a self-inflicted gunshot. Wynonna Judd’s clarification came in the latest interview with PEOPLE.

In the interview, Wynonna made it very clear that there is no argument between her and Ashley. The actress said that while she was at her sister’s house, somebody told her about the ongoing rumors. On hearing the news, she was quite surprised to hear that a fight is going on between her and Ashley.

Wynonna Judd Speaks Out About Alleged Conflict With Ashley Regarding Mom Naomi's Estate

According to her, there is no reason for a fight between them over the will. She stated that both her as well as Ashley are leading a great life. The singer added that Larry Strickland, Naomi’s husband is the executor of Naomi’s estate and after his death, she and Ashley will split it.

As per Wynonna’s statement, she doesn’t have any plans to contest the will. The actress went on to add that she is the last person in the family and expressed hope that if Ashley was present in the interview, she would have agreed with her as she is aware of the matter. Wynonna reiterated her earlier statement that she never felt like contesting the will.

Rubbishing all the rumors about her alleged spat with Ashley, Wynonna clarified that in fact, she has become closer to her sister after the death of their mother. According to her, since she is an orphan, she is connected to Ashley in a way that is so different.

Since both her parents are no more, she is relying on Ashley now. Wynonna also added that her sister relies on her too and termed it as compassion.

As per her statement, it is not about being successful, smart, and capable. Wynonna reaffirmed her love for her sister with the statement “‘I love you.’ ‘I love you, too.’ She concluded the interview by stating that they are vulnerable with each other and they are tender.

Naomi Judd was a well-known American singer and actress. In 1983, she, along with Wynonna formed ‘The Judds’, the country music duo.

The duo became quite popular and went on to win five Grammy Awards and nine Country Music Association awards. In 1991, after Naomi Judd was diagnosed with hepatitis, the duo stopped performing together.

However, post this incident, Wynonna continued with her solo performances. Ashley, the half-sister of Wynonna, is an American actress.

Apart from a three-decade-long acting career, Ashley is very active in world humanitarian efforts and also a part of political activism.

All through her life, Naomi Judd had suffered from mental health issues and finally ended her life on 30th April 2022.

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