YouTube 4K! Why You Should Be Excited!

YouTube 4K: Why You Should Be Excited?

YouTube, the largest online video platform in the world, will be free for users for as long as the company can manage it. That’s a good thing, but it was recently revealed that 4K YouTube videos will continue to carry a fee.

YouTube announced a test that restricted paid subscribers’ access to YouTube 4K video. That test has now ended. But, if you were planning on making the jump to 4K, sign up for a paid YouTube subscription immediately. 

YouTube 4K: A Gift To The Viewers

YouTube’s ‘Watch Party’ feature was rolled out to a small number of users earlier this month, and it has people wondering why they can’t join in the fun. The platform is currently testing this new feature, and if you’re one of the lucky people with access to it, here’s what you need to know. 

YouTube 4K A Gift To The Viewers!

It now has more than 90% of the world’s video content. Many people are excited about new YouTube 4K project. YouTube is a platform run like a startup. Many of these tests are A/B tests, where YouTube changes one of its features and then gauges the impact on its users.

Sometimes, the changes are minor. Sometimes, they affect the entire YouTube experience. There are dozens of ways YouTube is testing new stuff, from new ways to make money through branded content on YouTube to new ways to interact with videos. 

Only paying subscribers can access 4K content, and many of us can’t afford to pay to watch videos on YouTube. That is, until today. YouTube has confirmed that it has stopped supporting 4k YouTube videos, and we do not doubt that this means 4K YouTube will be free forever.

If you like watching 4K YouTube videos, you will be pleased to know that you no longer need to pay for them. It’s been a few years since YouTube Music was around, but it is gaining some traction.

YouTube Premium (the paid music alternative) offers a variety of ways to listen to music, including an ad-free version of YouTube Music and several personalized playlists. Netflix has offered 4K streaming for quite a while now.

But in 2020, there’s so much demand for high-quality video that it’s a no-brainer, and YouTube experimented with this fact. YouTube has announced it’s getting rid of YouTube 4K streaming support for free users.

This massive change for the video platform has always generated revenue from ads and subscriptions. But now, some YouTube videos will be available in 4K quality without a subscription. 

The company had been testing different ways of charging for high-quality video, but it turned out that subscribers preferred free, and the experiment is over. The change is meant to incentivize creators to make their videos available in higher-quality formats.

YouTube introduced handles a while ago, and you can use them to build a community around a brand or creator. 

YouTube 4K: Summary

  • YouTube has ended the 4K Premium paywall, and the service will return to regular 1080p. 
  • YouTube 4K content will now be available to everyone. 
  • This could significantly impact the YouTube industry, which is already suffering.
  • This feature will flourish quality content around YouTube.
  • It has already become an essential part of the YouTube experience. Check out the latest on YouTube handles.

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